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[Z-NEWS] GM Sets ZR1 Reveal Date Then New Video Shows ZORA In The Wild

[5 Minute Read] In less than a month, the ZR1 will be revealed! And the ZORA was hiding in plain sight all along!

Mike from Brink of Speed breaks down ZORA spy shots!

Chevrolet throws us enthusiasts another bone for the most anticipated and hyped new model release in recent Corvette history, the eighth-generation ZR1. Then, to add to the hysteria, both ZR1 and ZORA models were spied testing outside of the Milford Proving Ground earlier this week. Before we dive into the two new stories, let’s quickly revisit the evolution of ZR1 engine theories that have floated around our community. Our third feature below has the full CorvSport C8 ZR1 archives if you need to brush up on any of the news. We’re also including the first two ZR1 teaser videos in case you missed them.

The Evolution of What CorvSport has Dubbed “The Great ZR1 Engine Debate”

1) “The Reveal is Coming”

As the heat of the summer rolls in, Chevrolet turns up the tease dial just a bit more with this short video. As you can see, the big ZR1 reveal is officially set for 7.25.2024. Despite this summer of 2024 reveal, a small group of vocal enthusiasts still think the C8 ZR1 will actually be a 2026 model, despite most journalists and enthusiasts agreeing it will be 2025 (and despite the recent email confirmation posted on the MidEngineCorvetteForum).

Why do some think there will be a delay? From an engineering standpoint, the line of thinking is that the flat-plane crank LT6 is not ready for the demands a twin-turbo setup will bring. These durability doubts bring us full circle to why there are so many engine theories circling around our community. Also, a few in our community think a C8 Grand Sport model will emerge before the ZR1 (and that’s what we’ve seen testing). As I’ve said a few times, the only time we will know for sure is when the official reveal occurs, which is now 29 days and counting!

Now, without further ado, enjoy another six seconds of teasing from Chevrolet!

2) GM Sets Rumor Mills On Fire After ZORAs Are Spotted In The Wild

Once again, dedicated Corvette enthusiast Mike from the Brink of Speed YouTube channel is on top of the breaking news, and this recent video breaks down everything you need to know about the recent ZR1 and ZORA sightings.

Can’t Miss Timestamps:

  • [3:20] Analysis of new ZORA spy photos begins, showing the difference between the front ZR1 and ZORA radiators
  • [6:47] Mike talks about the ZR1 turbos
  • Find more spy photos here!


3) CorvSport 2025 ZR1 Archives (Newest First)

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The Original Teaser Video

Teaser Video #2