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The 1956-1957 Corvette are distinguishable from later model C1 Corvettes because of the single headlight on either side of the car's front end.

1956 Corvette Guide: History, Performance, Specs & More

What could Chevrolet do to make the Corvette more appealing? What would it take to make the Corvette superior to the Ford Thunderbird in every aspect? As the Thunderbird had outsold the 1955 Corvette at a ratio of 23-1, this was a challenge that Chevrolet was prepared to commit their best resources to, ensuring that Corvette would never again fall so short of the competition. Harley Earl, who had been taking the many public criticisms about the Corvette to heart, dove headlong into the process of addressing them.

1956 Corvette Special Editions

In 1956, Chevrolet took desperate measures and saved the model’s future by presenting an armada of motorsports variants in 1956. None of these was more successful than the SR prototype which placed 9th overall at the 12 Hours of Sebring and has since been credited with saving the model’s outright demise.

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Because who doesn't love a gorgeous first generation Corvette?

1956 Corvette Engines

Looking for information on the engines powering the 1956 Corvette? Look no further.

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1956 Corvette auction and sales area. We share upcoming auctions, recent auction results, cool 1956 Corvettes we find for sale and commentary on the current market for the 1956 Corvette.

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While there are some early C1 Corvettes out there that are exceedingly rare and prohibitively expensive, there are plenty of first-generation Corvettes - especially those between 1959 and 1961 - that are well within the range of most budgets.
1956 Chevrolet Corvette C1
Get the C1 of Your Dreams There are plenty of C1 Corvettes out there for sale, but we don’t see many in this unique Aztec Copper paint job. This particular car is currently for sale on Bring A Trailer.  As noted, the car has a beautiful Aztec Copper paint job...
SR 2 Corvette
1956 Chevrolet Corvette SR-2 If those behind the Corvette’s inception could have seen in 1953, what their pet project would ultimately become, they would likely have been hard-pressed to believe it. During the first two years of the iconic American sports car’s production, few were clambering at the opportunity to...
1956 C1 Corvette
1956 C1 Corvette RPO Codes, Options Codes & Order Guide If you are looking to decode your 1956 Corvette RPO’s (Regular Production Options), then check out the table below. We have included an easy to use search feature too for quickly finding specific RPO codes. The below table includes the...

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