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1975 Corvette - The Ultimate Guide

For Chevrolet in general, and the Corvette in particular, the 1975 model year marked a turning point in the car’s history. Zora Arkus-Duntov, who had been instrumental in breathing life into the Corvette, retired on January 1, 1975 after 21 years and 7 months with General Motors.

1975 Corvette Special Editions

Ever wanted to drive a 4-seat Corvette? In 1975 your dreams came true thanks to Greenwood.

Greenwood didn’t just build Corvettes for the track, constructing a variety of different street car kits over the years. The story goes that the original ’wagon concept was commisioned by a drummer who wanted a Vette with enough cargo space to haul his drums to various gigs. Since the demise of the Corvette trunk, easily accessible cargo areas were definitely on the wish list for many enthusiasts. Chuck Miller designed and built this first Shark-era Sportwagon.

1975 Corvette Technical Research & Data

Dig into the numbers behind the 1975 Corvette and check out these hand-curated research papers and data-driven reports, including VIN information, production numbers, pricing/options, color samples, and more.

1975 Corvette Engines

Looking for information on the engines powering the 1975 Corvette? Look no further.

1975 Corvette Market & Sales Data

1975 Corvette auction and sales area. We share upcoming auctions, recent auction results, cool 1975 Corvettes we find for sale and commentary on the current market for the 1975 Corvette.

The Best Resource for 1975 Corvette News, Auctions, Reviews & Videos

Get all the latest news stories, upcoming auctions, prices, videos and more about the 1975 Chevrolet Corvette! The latest headlines here.

When I first thought about bringing Scot’s build to you I figured it would be a four or five-part series. Obviously, I missed the mark on how intense and intricate it would be, but I’m sure Scot knew exactly what he was biting off. I hope you’re enjoying reading about...
Today’s installment is yet another reminder of the patience and skill required to take on a project like this. Even more work if your plan is to make it a competitive Pro Touring race car. If you missed Part 1 click here, and if you missed Part 2 click here. ...
1969 Corvette L88 Engine
The Vette’s performance dropped significantly during the early to mid-1970s, at the hands of newly implemented federal emissions standards, yet it remained relevant. At a point in which many iconic American performance cars fell by the wayside, the Corvette soldiered on. This served as a true testament to many of the memorable Corvette powerplants that were developed during the C3 era.
1975 Corvette Sales Brochures
Download this 1975 Corvette Dealers Sales Brochure for a quick look at the features of the car. Here's this year's version of last year's "Best All-Around Car", as selected by readers of Car and Driver magazine. Corvette makes excitement make sense...

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