1954 Corvette
Available in Thompson Station, Tennessee, this 1954 Corvette is a rare beauty.

C1 Corvette Production Figures

The Corvette that started it all was a huge production success. Over its 10 year production life 69,015 C1 Corvettes were produced (that is about 6,901 per year which is solid in those days). As expected with the Corvette being a totally new model, it took a few years for the production to ramp up and for consumer demand to really drive success. You will notice that from 1957 onward that growth of C1 Corvette production really picked up with sales growing to 14,531 units in its final year in production before the launch of the C2 Corvette.

To see individual production numbers for the C1 model years including how many cars were produced with specific options, check out 1953 Production, 1954 Production, 1955 Production, 1956 Production, 1957 Production, 1958 Production, 1959 Production, 1960 Production, 1961 Production, 1962 Production.

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