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Corvette Of The Day: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

1985 Corvette Guide: History, Performance, Specs & More

Gone forever was the Cross-Fire Injection System that had been introduced as part of the C4 only a year earlier (and had managed to survive for only a single production year on the C4 platform.)  Replacing this awkward and somewhat uninspired system was a new “Tuned Port Injection” fuel delivery system – a system that was essentially the German Bosch fuel-injection system which featured a revised intake manifold.  This new system provided an individual fuel injector for each engine cylinder, featured tuned runners and included a new mass air flow sensor, all of which would aid in the car’s improved performance.

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Looking Back At The 1985 Chevrolet Corvette
While there were few who questioned the technological superiority of the 1984 C4 over earlier generations of Corvette, it’s lack of robust horsepower and outright performance left many questioning this new version of America’s most beloved sports car. In 1985, Chevrolet listened to the criticisms and quickly began to revamp the Corvette platform to become a...
Blue C4 Corvette on road with mountains in background
In 1983, GM finally released the highly-anticipated fourth-generation Corvette, after more than a decade of third-gen production. The “all-new” C4 Corvette debuted to a frenzy of publicity, as many clamored to see what GM had in-store. The C4 Corvette would ultimately enjoy a lengthy run all of its own, spanning...
1985 Corvette Sales Brochures 1
Download this 1985 Corvette Dealers Sales Brochure for a quick look at the features of the car. A 31-year legend in a thoroughly contemporary edition. 1953. The first Corvette. And the first sports car of the modern era. A white body, a red interior, a black soft top and an inline six...
C4 Corvette located at the National Corvette Musuem
After a yearlong hiatus leading to a non-existent 1983 production run, the completely redeveloped fourth-generation Corvette emerged onto the scene in time to hit the showroom floor the following year. The C4 served not only as the next chapter within the Corvette’s already rich history but rather a complete redesign,...
The early C4's had their problems, what with the 1984 Cross-Fire Injection and its unusual 4+3 manual transmission. By the late 1980's, the fourth-generation Corvette had evolved into a more desirable automobile, thanks in part to the arrival of the ZR-1. 
1985 Corvette
1985 C4 Corvette RPO Codes, Options Codes & Order Guide If you are looking to decode your 1985 Corvette RPO’s (Regular Production Options), then check out the table below. We have included an easy to use search feature too for quickly finding specific RPO codes. The below table includes the...
1985 Corvette Owners Manual
This Owners Guide contains important information regarding the operation and maintenance of your 1985 Corvette. In order to obtain maximum enjoyment and usage from your car, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the contents...

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