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Corvette Of The Day: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

1985 Corvette - The Ultimate Guide

Gone forever was the Cross-Fire Injection System that had been introduced as part of the C4 only a year earlier (and had managed to survive for only a single production year on the C4 platform.)  Replacing this awkward and somewhat uninspired system was a new “Tuned Port Injection” fuel delivery system – a system that was essentially the German Bosch fuel-injection system which featured a revised intake manifold.  This new system provided an individual fuel injector for each engine cylinder, featured tuned runners and included a new mass air flow sensor, all of which would aid in the car’s improved performance.

1985 Corvette Special Editions

One is a crazy looking concept and the other is a mid-engined race car. The '80s were an awesome time.

The first  of these cars was the 1985 Corvette Indy Concept vehicle.  It was developed as a “pushmobile,” meaning that it was a non-functioning, full-size clay mockup that was developed to test market interest in the concept.  The car featured the same mid-engine configuration that Zora Arkus-Duntov had always envisioned for the Corvette program. 
A Corvette in name only, the Corvette GTP (Grand Touring Prototype) was one of the fastest and most exotic race cars ever to wear a red Bowtie. Based on an English Lola T600 chassis and powered by an all-American turbocharged Chevy V6, the mid-engined racer was a rocketship. At full boost, the Corvette GTP's 3.4-liter (209ci) V6 pumped out more than 1,000 horsepower.

1985 Corvette Engines

Looking for information on the engines powering the 1985 Corvette? Look no further.

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American Racing Headers C4 Corvette 1984-1991/1992-1996 Long Tube System
These are the top full exhausts for 1984-1996 Corvettes. The installation of a custom exhaust provides a great way to enhance the C4’s naturally-aggressive exhaust tone, while also potentially increasing overall horsepower as well. Find Your Next Full Exhaust We vetted the market so you don’t have to! Our Exhaust...
1984 L83 350CI V8 Engine
The C4 Corvette debuted to a frenzy of publicity and would ultimately enjoy a lengthy run, spanning 13 years of production. During this period, GM installed a number of memorable powerplants. Many of these engines proved to be quite innovative in design, even when saddled with newly-mandated emissions equipment of the era. The following is a comprehensive guide to powerplants of the C4 era.
1985 Corvette Sales Brochures 1
Download this 1985 Corvette Dealers Sales Brochure for a quick look at the features of the car. A 31-year legend in a thoroughly contemporary edition. 1953. The first Corvette. And the first sports car of the modern era. A white body, a red interior, a black soft top and an inline six...
We have curated the ultimate collection of the best 1985 Corvette Wallpapers and HD backgrounds for you to enjoy. Our team focused on finding the top 1985 Corvette Wallpapers only to keep the quality high. These 1985 Corvette Wallpapers are free to download so go ahead. To download any of...
The early C4's had their problems, what with the 1984 Cross-Fire Injection and its unusual 4+3 manual transmission. By the late 1980's, the fourth-generation Corvette had evolved into a more desirable automobile, thanks in part to the arrival of the ZR-1. 

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