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C8 ZR-1 News: Caught On Video! More Spy Photos, New Rendering, Leaked Wheel Design

Up-to-date information on everything you need to know about the ZR-1

Image Courtesy of Peter Chilelli/Fast Pixels

Just like about everyone else in our Corvette community, I am brimming with anticipation and excitement over the important stuff, like how hot will the new ZR-1 look?!? Sure, the performance aspects of the new C8 ZR-1 will be the backbone, but if this phenomenal package is wrapped in a dud, you’ll hear wailing and crying seeping from the internet.

Please get it right GM!

If you need a quick refresher on what is anticipated for the ZR-1, I did a feature here. In short, the ZR-1 is speculated to be another wide-body monster and will boast the high-revving LT6, lifted from the formidable Z06, with one minor detail for some added giddy up. It’s rumored GM will slap a twin-turbo setup on the ZR-1, with horsepower reaching “well over” 800 horsepower. Yikes!

For a recap on some of the spy photos that broke a few weeks ago, click here for a feature our own Scott Kolecki did, but now on to the latest juicy info to break on the ZR-1.

Caught in the Wild on Video!

Just two days ago, Frim Autos spotted these camouflaged Corvettes up in Colorado, apparently doing high-altitude testing.

Here is the one that unmistakably looks like it is a ZR-1. At least, based on the spy photos we’ve seen so far.

Image Courtesy of Frim Autos

A rear shot from a different one in the bunch.

Image Courtesy of Frim Autos

Frim does ponder that the camouflaged beasts are just a Z06 or maybe an E-Ray (or both), but if that were the case why camo them? And why would those models, already in production, still be doing high-altitude testing? If you want to see them running and rolling, skip to 50 seconds.

A New Rendering!

Undoubtedly inspired by the various spy photos that have emerged, Peter Chilelli went to the drawing board and cranked off this beautiful rendition.

Image Courtesy of Peter Chilelli/Fast Pixels

I love it! Keep the guessing and renderings coming!

Are These the ZR-1 Wheels?

Our friends over at Corvette Blogger recently brought the community news that the ZR-1 wheels were possibly leaked, and a Youtuber that goes by “Supercar Ranch” grabbed the images from an unnamed source (one of his related videos has since been pulled down due to copyright issues, which makes you wonder!).

To add to the mystery, “Claiming that this leak is just like the OEM Carbon Revolution validation wheels that were posted to eBay a full three years prior to the Z06 going on sale, Supercar Ranch says he found these through a similar leak, however, he doesn’t share the source or link on where they are posted.”

Here are the wheels, what do you think?

Image Courtesy of Corvette Blogger

And here is a photoshop done by Supercar Ranch, with the wheels on his Z06.

Image Courtesy of Corvette Blogger

I’m not a huge fan of the smaller “spider spokes”, but I will admit these do look good. I hope you’ve enjoyed this informative plunge into the speculative ZR-1 world. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.