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2000 Corvette Guide: History, Performance, Specs & More

Most of the other mechanical improvements for the 2000 Corvette centered around drivability and ride stability as well. Engineering improvements were made to the Selective Real-Time Damping suspension. These changes largely involved the introduction of new or revised algorithms integrated with a re-designed (softer) jounce bumper for ride and handling improvements.

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2000 Corvette Engines

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2000 Corvette auction and sales area. We share upcoming auctions, recent auction results, cool 2000 Corvettes we find for sale and commentary on the current market for the 2000 Corvette.

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Corvette Of The Day: Avelate Corvette
The Avelate Corvette was created by former GM designer Don Johnson and Dean Arnold. The Avelate borrowed some design inspiration from the previous Corvette generations and incorporated all of them into the C5 model. Initially, the plan was to make 100 cars per year, but throughout its production run, only...
In the beginning, there was only one Corvette: the convertible, a.k.a. roadster. Corvette has traveled far since that first Polo White, Powerglide ’53 Vette rolled off a makeshift Flint, Michigan, assembly line, but the magic endures in every graceful line of the 2000 convertible. A SUBTLE HINT OF EARLIER CLASSICS — “Our future must start with our past,” says Corvette Chief Designer John Cafaro...
2008 Corvette
2000 C5 Corvette RPO Codes, Options Codes & Order Guide If you are looking to decode your 2000 Corvette RPO’s (option codes), then check out the table below. We have included an easy to use search feature too if you are looking for a specific code just type it into...
This Owners Guide contains important information regarding the operation and maintenance of your 2000 Corvette. In order to obtain maximum enjoyment and usage from your car, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the contents...
C5 Corvette Car Covers C5 1996-2004 Corvette Custom Fit Car Cover This Xtrashield car cover is here to protect your C5 Corvette. It is a 2-layer car cover specifically designed to protect your car against extreme heat and hazardous UV rays. This car cover makes use of a naturally UV-resistant...
Built from 1997 until 2004, the C5 Corvette is considered one of the most reliable. Given its increasing affordability, the C5 offers a lot of power and performance at great value. How its maintained and cared for can dramatically affect the overall quality.

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