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2025 ZR1 News Recap: Does New Video Settle Engine Debate? And Much More…

Today, CorvSport has all the fresh ZR1 news; after 5 minutes, you'll be up to date on all the relevant developments!

Is this ZR1 wing high enough for you?!? Photo Credit: Phil Hearing/Rick Conti

In today’s action-packed special ZR1 news edition, we’ll revisit the 2025 vs 2026 model year debate that was finally put to rest, show you the newest video of ZR1s idling that spawned more engine debates, highlight some of the newest spy photos, then finish up with a full encyclopedia of our ZR1 coverage (with a hot-off-the-press piece from one of our lead writers, Simon). Let’s get after it!

1) 2025 Versus 2026 Model Year Debate Put To Rest

When Chevrolet recently released a 21-second teaser video titled “The Corvette ZR1 Is Coming This Summer,” a prevalent debate around the community could finally be put to rest, as some enthusiasts believed there was no way the ZR1 would be ready for a 2025 release. But naturally, given all the spy photos across the country that have emerged and the secrecy at the assembly plant with an indefinite suspension of tours, I think it’s safe to say this revolutionary C8 ZR1 is ready to rock our collective worlds.

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When the ZR1 roared across the screen at the beginning of this video, it only fuelled more engine rumors.

2) Does New Video Settle What CorvSport Has Dubbed “The Great ZR1 Engine Debate”?

Now that the 2025 vs 2026 model year debate has been put to rest, the most heated discussion amongst enthusiasts now focuses on what engine setup will propel the 2025 ZR1 as the quickest Corvette ever. First, a quick review of the many theories from experts and enthusiasts.

The Evolution of “The Great ZR1 Engine Debate”:

The New Video That Raises More Questions:

So, what do you think? Do the beautiful sounds from these idling ZR1s sound like they are coming from a flat-plane crank or cross-plane crank engine? From what I see around the various social media pages, the jury is still out on the powertrain setup in the 2025 ZR1.

3) Recent “Spy” Photos That Have Surfaced Across Social Media

One of the most exciting things for Corvette enthusiasts and addicts is the anticipation of seeing prototypes of a new model out in the wild, and the 2025 ZR1 has taken that fervor to a whole new level, with spy photos emerging on a weekly basis.

These surfaced from the recent 27th Annual Michelin NCM Bash.

The 2025 ZR1 is cloaked in secrecy!
Both images credited to Korey Payne via Corvette C8 Z06 Facebook page

Some good ones from just before the Bash.

Photo Credit: Phil Hearing/Rick Conti
Photo Credit: Phil Hearing/Rick Conti
Is this ZR1 wing high enough for you?!? Photo Credit: Phil Hearing/Rick Conti

The newest photos to emerge show a Convertible spied on the streets of Detriot! This is the first time I can recall seeing an interior shot. Notice that the controversial “wall of buttons” is still there.

All images credited to Brian Williams/Spiedbilde via Corvette Blogger

4) CorvSport 2025 ZR1 Archives (Newest First)

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