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C8 Corvette spotted

Spotted in Wixom, MI Recently, the YouTuber Peter Calcaterra visited a Cars and Coffee event at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering in Wixom, Michigan. After he left, he got a real treat. There was a C8 Corvette out testing. He managed to snag a pretty good video of the car on the road.  As you can expect, …

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2019 Corvette ZR1

This Guy Did The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is the ultimate front-engine Corvette and the peak of Corvette performance right now. Yes, the C8 mid-engine Corvette is about a month away and will likely steal the crown from the current ZR1, but until that happens, this is the king of the Corvette universe. So, what the …

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Bloomington Gold Corvette Event

It’s a Week Away The Bloomington Gold Corvette Show held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the bigger Corvette events of the year, especially in the Midwest. In a previous article, we discussed some of the special cars that will be among the hundreds of Corvettes at the show. Now some information has …

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C8 Corvette Aero Patent

Adjustable Ride Height for the C8? A recent patent surfaced on MidEngine Corvette Forum that appears to be for the upcoming C8 Corvette. The patent concerns active aero, which we’ve reported on before. However, this patent is unique because it concerns an air deflector that only deploys when the car is at set to a …

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C8 Corvette sighting

A Close Up of a Camouflaged Car The C8 Corvette sightings keep coming in. In this video, there’s a C8 Corvette caught in traffic waiting to turn left. The guys filming the video sound very excited to have seen the car, and they get some good close up shots of it. While this video doesn’t …

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C7 Corvette Gold

Any Gold Diggers? Gold is an eye-catching color for any car, but when you have a Corvette—a car that already stands out from the sea of boring crossovers, SUVs, and sedans—it looks downright nuts. The owner of the car you see here didn’t paint his Corvette gold. Instead, According to Carscoops, he had it wrapped in …

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C8 Corvette spied

Getting Up Close and Personal In Detroit on Woodward Ave, a C8 Corvette was spotted by YouTuber Jacob Daniel. He noticed it was parked and just sitting there, so he did what any of us would have done and tried to take a closer look. He filmed with his phone as he did so. The …

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The End of the C7 Corvette Is Near As the world prepares for the C8 Corvette, Chevrolet is letting the C7 Corvette slip rather unceremoniously into the past. Recently, it came to light when the deadlines were for the final sold order dates. That means you won’t be able to order the C7 Corvette as …

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teaser video explained

Here’s all of the Good Stuff Chevrolet recently posted a C8 Corvette teaser video that we reported on. Now the company has a new video that takes a closer look at each element of that video. It’s another teaser. It’s a teaser of a teaser. Anyway, it’s pretty cool, so we thought it worth sharing …

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C8 Corvette rendering

An Amazing Rendering Walkaround The downside to many C8 Corvette renderings is that you often can’t imagine them in the real world. They’re a static image and somewhere you’re not really sure of, but this Corvette rendering from the Charles Cronley, better known by his MidEngine Corvette Forum username Chazcron, gives you a real deal …

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Chevrolet Final Edition C7 Corvette

It Was On Its Way Out The C7 Corvette’s days were already numbered due to the imminent arrival of the C8 Corvette on the scene. However, its demise has been accelerated in Europe due to the new emissions testing required under new regulations. According to Motoring Research, every car sold after August 31, 2019, must …

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C8 Corvette

Reports Indicate it Could be That Way The new C8 Corvette is a highly complex machine. Just how complex, we’ll have to wait until the July debut to find out. What we do know is that the car is one of the first to use the new electrical architecture that General Motors developed. According to …

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