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Corvette VIN Decoding (By Generation)

We help you decode and understand Corvette VIN numbers with our easy guides. In this section we have given you a decoder and explanation broken out by Corvette generation. Sometimes it is easier to see an entire generation together when decoding your Corvette VIN.

C1 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

When the Corvette first came out in 1953 the VIN was simple and to the point. It was made up of 10 digits giving basic information like model year, assembly plant and where that particular car fell in the production sequence. In 1960 things changed in terms of how VIN numbers work, with the addition of body type in the digits as well as the codes being rearranged.

C2 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

The C1 Corvette VIN carried over into the C2 generation Corvette and kept it that way for the 1963 and 1964 model year cars. In 1965 the VIN configuration was change to 13 digits (instead of 12 digits) with the basic information remaining the same. The basic information was still shown including year, body style and order in the production sequence. The 3rd digit now signified a V8 engine, but not which one.

C3 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

Chevrolet kept the same format for the Corvette VIN going from the C2 generation into the C3. It stayed that way for a few years before Chevrolet changed the VIN configuration around again in 1972. It was still 13 digits like in 1965-1971, but the order of characters and their meaning was switched around a bit. The basic information was still shown including year, body style and engine. There was also a third change to the C3 VIN set up in 1981 with the move to a 17 digit system that is close to today's VIN organization.

C4 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

Starting in 1981 GM added several characters to the Corvette VIN to bring the total up to 17 digits. It took a decent amount of time for Chevrolet to get things organized however which is obvious when you look at some of the confusion in the VIN decoding for the C4 models. There are basically three different VIN configurations throughout the C4's model years. 

C5 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

The C5 Corvette continued with the same VIN format at the C4. You can find your C5 VIN by the drivers side top of the instrument panel for late model Corvette's or windshield post (A-pillar) for earlier models. Other locations for theft identification: Engine Block Deck, Transmission, Left Rear Inner Frame Rail, Right Forward Inner Frame Rail.

C7 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

The 17 Digit Corvette VIN Decoder Explanation and Location. There were quite a few special C7 Corvettes so it is important to note that the 12 to 17 Production sequence number called out the specific variant. For example:  Base=100001, Collector Edition Grand Sport=300001, Grand Sport=500001, Z06=600001, C7.R Z06=700001-700650 (150 Exported), ZR1=800001+.

C8 Corvette VIN Numbers & VIN Decoders

There are 17 characters. Starting with first character on left the codes. Basically the same set up as the C7 and nothing too different.

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