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Notable Magazine Stirs Up More ZR1 Powerplant Debates With 6-Year Old LT7 CAD Image

CorvSport analyzes the 2017 LT7 CAD Image and shows its evolution, with new Hybrid claims from Motor Trend

Leaked GM twin-turbo CAD rendering from 2017

Just when I thought the ZR1 engine rumor mill had calmed down, and we moved closer as a community to the consensus that the ZR1 will have a twin-turbo powerplant (named the LT7), new reporting from Motor Trend is muddying the waters even more, with electric claims. CorvSport proclaimed on 10/12/2023 that this heated discussion was now the “Great Engine Debate”, and that proves even more true today.

First, what exactly is Motor Trend claiming?

From their 10/17/2023 Article

“Pair of electric motors?” Not the single electric motor from the E-Ray, but TWO electric motors?

This is news!  Sorry to bury the lead!

“And now an anonymous tip…” And now? These CAD images have been around since 2017. No harm no foul, just seemed odd to me for such a large publisher. But understandable, as there is so much excitement around this ZR1, and the frenzy fuels us journalists.

Leaked GM twin-turbo LT7 CAD rendering from 2017

The Evolution of the CAD Images

Initial CAD images, posted on 12/14/2017

Corvette Forum members were discussing rumors about the new 2020 C8 powerplant

More 2017 C8 mid-engine speculation with related CAD images

12/26/2017 via a Corvette Forum Discussion

Screenshot Credit: Corvette Forum

12/26/2017, Later in the day, from Twitter (now X)


Will there be an engine designated as the LT7? Yes! On 11/02/2022 a leaked photo from the Corvette Museum showed an LT6 engine on a shipping pallet. Take a look and notice the words, “LT7 BETA.”

Photo Credit: Sicky/Corvette Forum

So, while this is not a picture of the LT7, the pallets are clearly set up for the future LT7. As a refresher, here is what beta means.

Will the LT7 be in the 2025 ZR1? I don’t think we can say for sure yet, but it’s becoming more obvious as time rolls on. Will the ZR1 be a Hybrid? What are your predictions for the ZR1 powerplant? Are you even more confused than ever, and just sitting back like me to see the reveal? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 157,000 followers (38,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.