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Blue 1973 Corvette with LS4 engine

1973 Corvette Guide: History, Performance, Specs & More

It is perhaps ironic then that the 1973 Corvette, which would celebrate the 20th anniversary of Corvette’s introduction by Harley Earl in 1953, would also be the first re-design of the C3 since its introduction in 1968.

1973 Corvette Special Editions

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Dig into the numbers behind the 1973 Corvette and check out these hand-curated research papers and data-driven reports, including VIN information, production numbers, pricing/options, color samples, and more.

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1973 Corvette auction and sales area. We share upcoming auctions, recent auction results, cool 1973 Corvettes we find for sale and commentary on the current market for the 1973 Corvette.

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1969 Corvette L88 Engine
Third-generation Corvette production spanned more than 15-years, encompassing portions of three individual decades. From the late 1960s, until the early 80s, the C3 Corvette reigned supreme, dominating both the street and track along the way. Though the Vette’s performance dropped significantly during the early to mid-1970s, at the hands of...
1973 Corvette
Check Out This Fantastic C3 The C3 Corvette is one of the best-looking generations, with beautiful curves. This is where the style for the Corvette really began to be solidified. This particular car you see is a 1973 C3 Corvette. It is currently for sale on All Collector Cars.  The...
1978 Corvette
The C3 still holds the record for the longest production run of any generation Corvette. It was the generation that saw the Corvette "grow-up" from being a powerful track car and Le Mans racer to an iconic sports car synonymous with the American Dream. 

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