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Corvette Sales Brochures for Every Corvette Model by Year

At CorvSport our mission is to provide as much Corvette data, stats and general information as possible. We try our best to make sure our information is plentiful and free because we want to help Corvette fans around the world get the data they need quickly and easily in order to make informed buying decisions. One thing we get asked all the time is to share sales brochures for Corvette models. We have seen many companies selling printed copies, but we decided to pull as many together as we could and offer them for free here on this page. We spent several weeks sourcing as many original sales brochures and catalogues as possible. These sales brochures that would have been available at your Chevrolet dealers back in the day and even today you can get them if you ask (although most can just be downloaded today from the Corvette website). Back in the day these sales catalogues were used as a selling tool (pre-internet days of course) and over the years you can see that these brochures got nicer and more extravagant. You can expect to find features, options, equipment and other information on each year model. The marketing language is pretty fun too if that's your kind of thing.

1953 - 1962

C1 Corvette Sales Brochures

All C1 Corvette models and variants

Free C1 Corvette Sales Brochures

We were amazed that we were able to get our hands on all the sales brochures for the C1 Corvettes. We have included all the C1 Corvette sales brochures below and all you need to do is click on the image or link to get access and download for free. 

1953 Corvette Sales Brochure
The Chevrolet Corvette . . . outstanding performance ... amazing acceleration ... very low center of gravity
1954 Corvette Sales Brochure
Here in this experimental two-passenger model with its glass fiber reinforced plastic body, Chevrolet brings new aerodynamic...
1955 Corvette Sales Brochure
Since its initial introduction in limited volume, the Corvette has commanded the attention of sports car enthusiasts. Now its major new...
1956 Corvette Sales Brochure
Action is the keynote... Since its initial introduction in limited volume, the Corvette has commanded the attention of sportscar experts...
1957 Corvette Sales Brochure1
Introducing sensational new fuel injection. For the first time in automobile history - one H.P for every cubic inch! Now with Fuel Injection...
1958 Corvette Sales Brochure
Sweetest two-seater going! Here is the exciting new high. performance Corvette - one of the world's truly authentic sports cars...
1959 Corvette Sales Brochure
You'll Discover the Fine Art of Sports Car Driving in the Chevrolet Corvette! Here is a road machine with exceptional performance capabilities and superbly crafted elegance...
1960 Corvette Sales Brochure
Corvette. America's Sports Car. How do you define a sports car? Is it a machine for the rigors of rallies and the like? Or is it for traffic and countryside? The Corvette fits them all...
1961 Corvette Sales Brochure
America's Sports Gets A New Look. Take a classic sports car design. Give it tasteful new styling. That's Corvette in 1961. Starting with the sleek rear deck , it's clean, uncluttered...
1962 Corvette Sales Brochure
The '62 Corvette is many cars. To some, it is a luxurious personal form of transportation. To others, it is a machine for fun-driving endeavors-rallies, trials and gymkhanas...


1963 - 1967

C2 Corvette Sales Brochures

All C2 Corvette models and variants

Free C2 Corvette Sales Brochure

The C2 Corvette was known as the Sting Ray and you can see that written all over the sales brochures. Below we have included all the C2 Corvette sales brochures for you to download for free. Simply click on the image or link to download the pdf. 

1963 Corvette Sales Brochure
New grace and elegance silhouette America's sports car. Corvette steps out smartly with an exhilarating new look for '63. A freshly elegant look that promises to lift the spirits...
1964 Corvette Sales Brochure
The best way to describe the '64 Corvette Sting Ray: a sports car with a dual personality. Last year's classic was dubbed a designers coup for the way it fused celebrated ...
1965 Corvette Sales Brochure
We think it's unwise to just tinker with an American classic like the Corvette Sting Ray. Changes should be meaningful. This fine road machine was and still is America's only...
1966 Corvette Sales Brochure
The 1966 Corvette Sting Ray by Chevrolet. Color and fabric selector. Tuxedo black, Ermine white, Rally Red, Nassau Blue, Laguna Blue, Trophy Blue, Sunfire Yellow...
1967 Corvette Sales Brochure
When sports car enthusiasts talk about Corvette, certain words, like "individual," crop up often. That's because both the Sting Ray Sport Coupe and Convertible possess a rareness...


1968 – 1982

C3 Corvette Sales Brochures

All C3 Corvette models and variants

Free C3 Corvette Sales Brochure

By the time the C3 Corvette hit the sales floors, the Corvette Sting Ray was already known as the car for those who appreciate the true sports kind of car. We have included all the C3 Corvette sales brochures below for you to download for free. 

1968 Corvette Sales Brochure
Go hardtop! The Corvette Sting Ray is for those who appreciate the true sports kind of car - and even for those who don't right now. Its' that special kind of automobile that comes along....
1969 Corvette Sales Brochure
No need to be aware of any substitutes. There aren't any. There is no mistaking a Corvette for anything but a Corvette. The aerodynamic links of America's original sports car make it the one...
1970 Corvette Sales Brochure
People have the idea you can tell what cars of the future will be like by looking at Chevrolet's Corvette. They're right. When you buy a Corvette, you buy a lot more than a car...
1971 Corvette Sales Brochure
Eighteen years of Corvette has taught us a lot. You've changed. We've changed. Gradually. Over the years. We've changed Corvette when and where we could to satisfy the high expectations of our owners. In fact, you...
1972 Corvette Sales Brochure
Our Corvette Coupe has two removable roof panels. Should your choice be a Corvette Coupe, a lot comes with it as standard equipment. Like the two removable roof panels shown in...
1973 Corvette Sales Brochure
The Corvette for 1973. Of all the owners of all the cars built in America, only the owners of Corvettes wave to each other. Maybe they know something you should. Whatever it is, they know....
1974 Corvette Sales Brochure
We know what you feel. We know what it's like to possess (and be possessed by) a car so exciting to look at that it makes the scene wherever it stops. Or turn heads...
1975 Corvette Sales Brochure
Here's this year's version of last year's "Best All-Around Car", as selected by readers of Car and Driver magazine. Corvette makes excitement make sense...
1976 Corvette Sales Brochure
Only a Corvette. Corvette is America's only true production sports car. Among its standard features are a fiberglass body and a fully independent suspension. Chances are no other...
1977 Corvette Sales Brochure
The essence. This is what makes your Corvette what it is: America's only true production sports car. On the Outside. Corvette's low-slung aerodynamic styling and fiberglass body...
1978 Corvette Sales Brochure
The 25th Anniversary Corvette. It stands alone today as it has since the summer of 1953, a truly unique and finely machined two-seater, America's only true production sports car...
1979 Corvette Sales Brochure
Ever since 1953, to own a Corvette has been something wished for by every kid that's knee-high to a hubcap. Corvette. A magic machine to whisk you away from everyday...
1980 Corvette Sales Brochure
How many other cars can you name at a single glance? That should tell you something about the continuing uniqueness of Corvette. It could very well be the most recognizable...
1981 Corvette Sales Brochure
Corvette is a rolling showcase of new technology, new materials and new thinking - all part of an evolutionary process that continues year after year. Adherence...
1982 Corvette Sales Brochure
If you're of a certain frame of reference, shall we say, you probably remember the way it was way back there in the mist of antiquity, twenty-nine years ago. There was this American 2-seater....


1984 – 1996

C4 Corvette Sales Brochures

All C4 Corvette models and variants

Free C4 Corvette Sales Brochure

Few cars in history have ever been more eagerly anticipated than the arrival of the C4 Corvette. This new ‘Vette was a completely original design – from top to bottom – and was an American Classic. Check out the C4 Corvette sales brochures and feel free to download them by clicking the image or link. 

1984 Corvette Sales Brochure
A quick course in the anatomy of the world's best production sports car. By design, Corvette is a driver's car. A special ongoing, exhilarating experience for the person and the wheel. And...
1985 Corvette Sales Brochure
A 31-year legend in a thoroughly contemporary edition. 1953. The first Corvette. And the first sports car of the modern era. A white body, a red interior, a black soft top and an inline six...
1986 Corvette Sales Brochure
Conversations with owners and engineers of the Corvette's latest generation. What does it take for a car t0 become "world class?" It's not something a car can achieve instantly...
1987 Corvette Sales Brochure
It's characteristically American - the urge to travel. As American as our ongoing affection for nice cars. How appropriate then to explore the country - ocean to ocean, forest and prairie...
1988 Corvette Sales Brochure
The handling and performance of the Corvette Coupe is uncompromised. Yet the comforts and appointments are luxury-class. It is not surprising that the critics have called...
1989 Corvette Sales Brochure
Corvette has been blowing the competition into the weeds since Sebring '56. From Turbo-Fire V8s to Tuned-Port Injection, the machine has generated its own mystique - and legions of....
1990 Corvette Sales Brochure
Art may be views as the reconstruction of reality into a form that satisfies both artist and viewer. Accept this definition and you are on your way to viewing the Corvette in an entirely...
1991 Corvette Sales Brochure
Unmistakably new appearance. Unmistakably Corvette. From any perspective, Corvette for 1991 is a treat for America's car enthusiasts. Both coupe and convertible models ....
1992 Corvette Sales Brochure
The Classic American Sports Car. New 300-HP LT1 V8... 6-speed manual transmission... ABS... Traction Control. Consider the 1992 Corvette Coupe an art form that will really move you...
1993 Corvette Sales Brochure
Forty years ago, a dream car captured America's heart and wouldn't let go. From day one, the Chevrolet Corvette has represented the very best of American sports-car engineering ...
1994 Corvette Sales Brochure
Corvette for 1994. As long as there are roads like this, there will always be a Corvette. It still takes your breath away. Tradition has everything to do with it. Aficionados can...
1995 Corvette Sales Brochure
Pulse-quickening, heart pounding, all-American legend. Technology by itself does not make a great sports car. It takes heart and soul. Welcome to the Corvette story, 1995 edition....
1996 Corvette Sales Brochure
Corvette Grand Sport Coupe. There is special significance to the "Grand Sport" nameplate. This newest Corvette is a tribute to the most famous competition Corvettes ever, the 1963 Grand...


1997 – 2004

C5 Corvette Sales Brochures 

All C5 Corvette models and variants

Free C5 Corvette Sales Brochure

Designed by Jerry Palmer and John Cafaro, the C5 Corvette was not simply a redesign of the existing C4 Corvette (which most people thought), but a completely new design from the ground up. Unfortunately we were not able to get all the sales brochures for the C5 Corvette but don't worry because we continue to hunt them down so check back if you don't find the one you need. 

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1997 Corvette Sales Brochure

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1998 Corvette Sales Brochure

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1999 Corvette Sales Brochure

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2000 Corvette Sales Brochure

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Coming Soon

2001 Corvette Sales Brochure

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2002 Corvette Sales Brochure
The world is watching Corvette. America’s sports car is captivating enthusiasts wherever it goes. Press reviews, both at home and abroad, have been outstanding, and in the...
2003 Corvette Sales Brochure
Years ago, on a Flint, Michigan, assembly line, a man carefully affixed a circular badge to the nose of a brand-new fiberglass roadster. The badge read simply, “Chevrolet Corvette.”...
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2004 Corvette Sales Brochure

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C6 Corvette Sales Brochures 

All C6 Corvette models and variants

Free C6 Corvette Sales Brochure

The C6 Corvette was virtually all new including new bodywork with exposed headlamps and more aggressive stance than the C5. We found most of the C6 Corvette sales brochures bar a few and they are all available to download for free below. 

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2005 Corvette Sales Brochure

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Coming Soon

2006 Corvette Sales Brochure

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Coming Soon

2007 Corvette Sales Brochure

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2008 Corvette Sales Brochure
Go with the grain. Meet the 190-mph-plus equivalent of a fine leather glove - the new, available Custom Leather-Wrapped Interior package (4LT coupe and convertible and ...
2009 Corvette Sales Brochure
Some lead, some follow. Corvette has followed its own formula as an American original since 1953. The Corvette coupe, convertible and Z06 have steadily grown in stature amid...
2010 Corvette Sales Brochure
The Chevrolet Corvette has always stood for one thing: performance without pretense. The new grand sport, inspired by the iconic racing sting rays of the 1960s, Is designed to be ...
2011 Corvette Sales Brochure
The Chevrolet Corvette has always stood for one thing: performance without pretense. The new grand sport, inspired by the iconic racing sting rays of the 1960s, is designed to be an attainable...
2012 Corvette Sales Brochure
Want to know what Corvette is all about? We asked five corvette experts to gather in Bowling Green, Kentucky, site of the corvette assembly facility and home to the national corvette museum...
2013 Corvette Sales Brochure
Movement is the universal language of personal freedom. Our founder Louis Chevrolet spoke it fluently. As a Swiss immigrant, he came to America with a dream of racing cars. He wished...



C7 Corvette Sales Brochures

All C7 Corvette models and variants

Free C7 Corvette Sales Brochure

The latest and greatest C7 Corvette is the best looking Corvette in our eyes. You can see the striking design in the C7 sales brochures included below. To download the C7 Vette sales brochure just click on the image or links. 

2014 Corvette Sales Brochure
The road. A simple path, really. And yet it’s come to mean so much more. Perhaps the real reason roads are special is that every road leads us to someplace we’re not — but could be. At Chevrolet, roads...
2015 Corvette Sales Brochure
It’s been called “stunning,” “cultivated,” even “astonishing.” The acclaimed Corvette Stingray takes on all challengers, with the prowess, aesthetic impact and fine craftsmanship worthy of the Stingray...
2016 Corvette Sales Brochure
It’s been called “stunning,” even “astonishing.” Car and Driver named it as one of its 10Best cars for 2015. The acclaimed Corvette Stingray takes on all challengers with the prowess and aesthetic impact ...
2017 Corvette Sales Brochure
Pure sports car joy. With its split-window-inspired fastback style draped over a perfectly balanced chassis and precision crafted interior, stingray coupe is a modern interpretation of the Corvette legacy...
2018 Corvette Sales Brochure
The first Corvette in 1953 might have been more dream car than sports car, yet the mere idea of a Chevrolet sports car ignited a love affair that still burns brightly today. From those early years, Corvette....
2019 Corvette Sales Brochure
Those elusive seconds in life where the commotion of the world fades and suddenly it’s just you, the car and the next corner. You expect, even demand, total bliss. That’s what Corvette has delivered ...


2020 - Present

C8 Corvette Sales Brochures 

All C8 Corvette models and variants

Free C8 Corvette Sales Brochure

The C8 Corvette sales brochures are not out yet. Once the 2020 Corvette sales brochure comes out we will make sure to upload it here immediately for you to download for free. 

2020 Corvette Sales Brochure
This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. The all-new mid-engine 2020 Corvette Stingray is here. When reinventing this iconic automobile, the creators broke barriers with a Corvette so advanced that the world of sports cars may never be the same. It is nothing less than the democratization of the supercar.
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