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1982 Corvette Owners Manual
This Owners Guide contains important information regarding the operation and maintenance of your 1982 Corvette. In order to obtain maximum enjoyment and usage from your car, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the contents...
1982 L83 Engine
Offered for only two years (1982, 1984), the L83 featured GM’s newly designed Cross-Fire Fuel Injection system and is often referred to by critics as being one of the most unworthy engines to ever find its way under the Corvette’s hood. However, this begs the question of whether or not the L83 was truly deserving of this mockery.
1982 Corvette Sales Brochures
Download this 1982 Corvette Dealers Sales Brochure for a quick look at the features of the car. If you're of a certain frame of reference, shall we say, you probably remember the way it was way back there in the mist of antiquity, twenty-nine years ago. There was this American 2-seater....