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Underrated Corvettes Part 2: 1980 L82 C3 Corvette

In this series, we look at interesting and affordable hidden gems

1980 L48 L82 Corvette
Image Credit: Illustration and Graphic Layout by K. Scott Teeters

If you own a 1980-1982 Corvette, we mean no offense. Within the pecking order of Corvettes, the last three years of C3s have the lowest cache of respect. There’s only one reason for the lack of respect; horsepower. They are not inherently bad cars.

Corvettes from 1974 to 1982 had the opposite problem as C4 to C7 Corvettes. From C4 forward, each generation’s performance improved. Each generation from C5 to C7 brought forward more performance engineering driven by the Corvette Racing Team. The Z51 Performance Handling Package arrived in 1984 and carried on into the C8.

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