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For Sale: A 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

For Sale: A 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

As has become customary at, we are pleased to present another Corvette to those of you out there who might be considering the purchase of your first – or next – Corvette.  What makes this particular listing a little bit unique is this: while this Corvette is a special-edition model (a Collectors Edition in this instance), it is a higher-mileage Corvette being sold via auction with no-reserve price listed.  Translation?  A (potentially) very affordable way to get behind the wheel of a unique Corvette that is sure to attract attention and turn heads.

This 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette is currently for sale.

This auction, which is being hosted by our friends at, is for a 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette.  This car was purchased new in Kansas, and has since resided in Texas, California and Nevada before moving to Montana with the current seller’s father twelve years ago.  This one-owner Corvette is being sold by the owner’s son. It features a clean Carfax report and a clear Montana title.

A 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

This 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette comes finished in Silver Beige Metallic exterior.  It features special fiberglass panels also finished in Silver Beige Metallic, some of which also include graduated accents/stripes on the fenders, doors and hood.  The car includes glass T-top panels with a bronze tinting. It also includes a hinged rear-glass hatch, a feature that was first introduced with this Collectors Edition model.  All previous Corvettes included from this era featured a fixed rear window.  The seller does note that there are some “touched-up chips and scratches” in the cars finish.

1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

Beneath the hood of this Corvette it s a 350 cubic inch L83 V8 engine paired to a 700r4 automatic transmission.  The engine, which feature the Cross-Fire fuel injection system with twin throttle bodies, is rated at 200 horsepower.  The seller notes that the car has received annual oil changes and also received new brake components and a new steering center link.

This 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette.

The car features 1967-style, fifteen-inch aluminum turbine wheels.  These wheels were included as part of the original Collectors Edition package. The wheels are wrapped in Cooper Cobra Radial GT tires (front) and Goodyear Eagle GTS tires (rear.)

Interior of the 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

Moving to the car’s interior, this 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette features a multi-colored leather upholstery with a similar gradient motif found on the car’s exterior.  This accentuated/gradient upholstery motif is found on the seat centers, arm rests and interior door panels.   All of the fabric in the car’s interior is original.  In fact, the only modifications to the car’s interior is the inclusion of an aftermarket stereo that replaced the factory stereo in the same location.  The seller noted that the dashboard was not cut or modified for this installation.  Additionally, the three-spoke steering wheel is fitted with a black-vinyl steering wheel cover.  The condition of the steering wheel beneath the cover was not disclosed, but is presumed to be in decent condition given the overall appearance of the rest of the car.

Dashboard of 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette

The car does have approximately 97k miles on the odometer.  However, all the records indicate this engine was well maintained, so this should not pose an issue for any potential buyer looking to purchase an affordable Corvette of appreciable value.  The factory instrumentation includes an 85-mph speedometer, a 7k-rpm tachometer and an assortment of standard auxiliary gauges in the center stack.

1982 Corvette Collectors Edition with Cross-Fire Injection.

As previously stated, this car is being sold via auction with NO-RESERVE.  The Carfax report states that the car has not been involved in any accidents or other incidents.  The records show that the car was routinely maintained.  Besides the minor blemishes on the exterior listed in the article above, no other damage has been reported or is readily identifiable from the pictures provided.  From our own observations,  there appears to be some paint wear on the rear spoiler though the extent of the paint damage appears to be mostly superficial.

To bid on this car, or just to see the original listing (which features many more pics), please visit by clicking here.