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How Much Money Will It Take To Own This Iconic One Of One Pratt & Miller C6RS?

With Corvette Racing lineage and provenance, the price shouldn't be a shock. Check out a full photo gallery of this rare C6RS.

Pratt Miller Motorsports are icons in Corvette Racing, with a racing record and provenance that rivals what their competition offers. With the recent shift in GM’s direct factory-backed involvement in the Corvette Racing program, the Pratt & Miller name has garnered even more respect and notoriety in our community. After the announcement that GM would back off “fully funding” the Corvette Racing Team, Pratt & Miller stepped up to the plate and injected steroids into their effort to once again take Corvette Racing to the top spot.

How Special is the C6RS?

The C6RS is what a Corvette can become when not restricted by the requirements of assembly-line-based manufacturing,” says spokesman Brandon Widmer of Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication, the company that GM had partnered with to build its immensely successful C5.R, C6.R, C7.R, and C8.R race cars.

Naturally, this provenance trickles down to the products Pratt & Miller put their technology and name on, and that leaves some in our community shocked with the price tag of this 2008 C6RS. More on the price in a moment, but first some details about this beauty.

What makes it ONE of ONE?

CorvSport recently did a piece on this exact C6RS when it left notable builder Vengeance Racing thoroughly impressed, and here’s why this example nearly rendered them speechless:

It’s the only one of the eleven with a powerplant enhanced with a fully forged 7.0 427 topped with an LS9 2.3L supercharger. Can this C6RS get any more valuable? Sure, let’s add some provenance as it was owned personally for over a decade by Mr. Garry Pratt himself, and recently sold for $335,000.”

You are starting to get a hint at that price tag.  Wow, absolutely gorgeous. [Full Photo Gallery Below!]

Seller’s Description

And now, without further ado…

How Much Will She Drain Your Bank Account?


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Note: CorvSport does not have any affiliation with the seller, nor were we compensated for featuring this Corvette.

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