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A Fiberglass Romance: Here’s Your Chance To Own A Piece Of Corvette Movie History

How much will it take to own an authentic Corvette Summer promotional car?

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t watch the infamous movie Corvette Summer until earlier this year when the girlfriend saw it on one of the retro channels and was stunned I hadn’t seen it. In my defense, I was only 10 when it was released in 1978, and still into BMX bikes and screwing around causing trouble in the neighborhood. Although, I have no excuse for somehow missing it over the last quarter century as a Corvette enthusiast. Am I alone here?

A Fiberglass Romance is how the movie was billed in its original theatrical trailer, (which I’ve posted below). While many of us have an awkward romance with our Corvettes, the movie is actually a love story between a post-Star Wars Mark Hamill and a spunky Annie Potts (Designing Women/Young Sheldon). I’m not going to give too many spoilers, (just in case you haven’t seen it), but will say the passion Mark’s character shows for this (ridiculously) customized Stingray after it’s stolen is inspiring (and funny). The love story is a bonus. And the 70’s cheesiness that is peppered throughout makes it a must-see for any Corvette enthusiast.

Given all this recent personal history with the movie, I was shocked when a for-sale post for this iconic movie Corvette popped up on Facebook yesterday. Look at this thing! Can you understand why Mark’s character Kenny was smitten?!?

Is it an authentic Corvette Summer promotional car?

Sure looks like it!

What are the exact details of the listing?

Well, without further ado…

What’s The Price?


The Facebook price police were not amused, with a record 55 LOLs. As a matter of fact, within hours an admin for the page shut down comments, as they had become too caustic.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you seen Corvette Summer? If so, how long ago? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 163,000 followers (44,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

CLICK HERE for a link to the Facebook listing. Important notes: A Facebook account may be required. As of 12/07/23, the listing was live, but if the link is dead it was pulled by the seller. CorvSport does not have any affiliation with the seller, nor were we compensated for covering this Corvette.

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(Original Theatrical Trailer Below)