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Here’s Your Chance To Own The Infamous 199.7 MPH World Record Setting C5 Z06

Check out this wicked naturally aspirated world record holder being offered by its creator Vengeance Racing

Wicked World Record Holder from Vengeance

It’s not often that such a legendary Corvette pops up for sale, and the Facebook community reacted with hundreds of thumbs-ups and hearts when this 2002 Z06 hit online earlier this month. As a matter of fact, with nearly 300 reactions there wasn’t a single LOL on the listing. This is quite rare for Facebook, as the price police can’t resist laughing at nearly every listing posted. And for the provenance and power of this iconic naturally aspirated Z06, the price is less than you may think!

Details Directly From Vengeance Racing’s Owner

Don’t miss the price, video and full photo gallery beneath the details! 

Asking Price


What an amazing video!

CLICK HERE for a link to the Facebook listing. Important notes: A Facebook account will most likely be required, as will joining the page. As of 10/13/23, the listing was live, but if the link is dead it was pulled by the seller. You can click here to reach Vengeance Racing’s website directly. CorvSport does not have any affiliation with the seller, nor were we compensated for featuring this Corvette.

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Photo Gallery