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[Facebook FS Feature] Check Out This Doug Rippie FRC That Shreds The Pavement

See what happens when you marry a rare C5 Fixed Roof Coupe with an enthusiast who's been tuning 'Vettes since the 90s

Today as we continue our Facebook For Sale Feature, (where I showcase ‘Vettes that are unique and special), I’d like to introduce you to this 1999 Doug Rippie Fixed Roof Coupe. Known affectionately as simply the FRC (and designated as the Hardtop on the window sticker), this special two-year-only model was the precursor to the C5 Z06, which debuted in 2001.

Dubbed by MotorTrend as “The Rarest of all C5 Corvette Models“, the FRC often gets mistaken for the Z06, especially when modified with the rear brake air inlets and badging on the front fender. Ironically the FRC was initially planned as a lightweight “bargain” Corvette, but for some (like me) it has become even more desirable and collectible than the Z06.

Just how rare is the FRC? Only 4,031 ’99 FRCs were produced, with just 2,090 in 2000 (2.5% of the 248,715 C5s produced) and this Doug Rippie example is number two of only a handful. Compare that FRC production of 6,121 units to the Z06’s 28,388, and you’ll begin to see why some covet the FRC.

Before we get to the listing and a photo gallery of this beautiful low-mileage Torch Red Rippie creation, let’s do our customary check on how the Facebook community has reacted to this Corvette.

This is also rare, as most listings get hammered with LOL emojis by the Facebook price police (despite how fair the price may look). Perhaps we are making social media progress as 2023 closes out!

Just how much will this rare Rippie FRC cost you?


Folks, this Doug Rippie package cost nearly $50,000 back in the day!

Seller’s Description

Sentiment from the Facebook Community

Who is Doug Rippie?

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  • At the time of publication, no videos or dyno results were provided by the seller.

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