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700 HP C5 ZR1 Creator Says Anybody With Credit Can Drive A New C8, Be Different

How much would you pay to be this different? Social media sounds off on this unique creation!

Be different and buy this one of one C5 ZR1!

We all have a little bit of used-car salesman in us when it comes time to get creative while selling our pride and joy. But this enthusiast out of Las Vegas, Nevada, is rolling the dice that his inspirational “Be Different” mantra will help him get C6 Z06 numbers for his unique creation. And to add some flair to his “one of one” listing, the seller wants to remind you that anybody with credit can drive a run-of-the-mill C8.

In today’s Facebook For Sale Feature, we’ll show you the notable highlights of this unique C5, reveal the asking price, give you the best reactions from Facebook, and finish up with a photo gallery. Let’s dive in!

1998 C5 ZR1 Highlights and Full Listing

  • 77,000 miles with an automatic transmission (really, an automatic?!?)
  • 383 iron block LS motor with 600 lift Cam, TSP heads, and FAST intake,
  • A&A Vortech Blower making 700 HP,
  • Built level 10 transmission with all Sonax parts,
  • Long tube headers, no cats, dual X pipes, with a C7 dual mode mufflers on a switch,
  • All new shocks and brakes,
  • Customizations were performed by the seller

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Heart of This ZR1 Clone

Despite having a “full custom stereo” and C7 seats, these are the only two interior shots we get.

Well, how much will it cost to “Be Different”?


The Facebook Reactions

First, look at this reaction counter! Yikes, with 465 reactions at the time of publication, nearly half of them were LOLs. This is fairly standard with the Facebook price police who patrol the for-sale pages.

There was a small portion of positivity.

But most exchanges went something like this.

The End Result

Nic took a pretty good beating over the 300+ posts, which can be typical on this popular Corvette-dedicated Facebook for sale page, but in the end, he got the last word and turned the comments off. Buckle up, folks—social media can be brutal!

So, CorvSport readers, where are you on the love-hate scale with this ZR1 clone? Would you plop down nearly $40,000 for her or get the loan on the C8? Of course, neither is also an option! If you want to keep up to date with all the fresh Corvette news and maintain a pulse on the lifestyle and culture of this exciting, iconic brand, CorvSport has the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 172,000 followers (53,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

Photo Gallery