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[Free Corvette?] Two C6s Morph Into One, But Will It Run?

The viral DIY YouTuber who rocketed from zero subscribers to over 100,000 since March is on fire again

I first discovered Shawn Pilot in March, just days after he launched his new YouTube channel, and soon after watching one of his first DIY videos, I realized this guy was the real deal. With just some basic tools, four jack stands, and an encyclopedia of knowledge, Shawn rescued a Supercharged C5 that sounded like it was going to explode (feature here).

Remarkably, Shawn’s ascension into YouTube viral territory has occurred with just FOUR videos, which is a testimony to how great his hunting and wrenching really is. This journey of Shawn’s two C6 Corvettes began over 4 months ago when he acquired two wounded C6 Corvettes for only $5900. The full feature for part one is here, and as we continue the burning questions are:

  • Is Shawn able to get the Frankensteined C6 to start up?
  • Will his sales from the unused parts cover his $5900 and produce a FREE Corvette?
  • Does he find any surprise bonus parts to tip the scales?

What Shawn started with.

Shawn Pilot’s first donor C6
A “theft recovery” 2008 C6 that Shawn scored for $1700

Shawn’s goal for the theft recovery C6 was to utilize its “solid body” since the frame and rear end were essentially destroyed on the silver donor C6. In the first video, Shawn proceeded to dismantle the donor C6, leaving him with a sweet running LS3, as well as a usable drivetrain and numerous other components. But, there were concerns, namely with issues from swapping over so many components.

Why was Shawn worried about the C6 cranking up? This wall of wires should explain his trepidation.

So, is it possible to build a FREE C6 Corvette Convertible, and will it fire up?

Well, here are the video highlights:

  • 3:00: Torque Tube and rear transmission installation begins; NOTICE no fancy lift is used!

  • 7:00: Complete disassembly of the interior, wire harnesses installed, reassembly

Meanwhile, how is the goal of a “FREE” Corvette going?

  • 16:00: Engine installation

  • 24:30: After a shift linkage issue is fixed, SHE FIRES UP! His genuine child-like excitement illustrates how real his tribulations are.

  • 26:55: Shawn takes her for a quick rip, and everything works, with no leaks!

  • 32:00: His last eBay listing finalizes, and it’s a doozy as the donor C6 had a Z06 differential in it!

The Final Results

Sales Totals = A FREE Corvette!

A FREE Corvette that looks pretty darn good, albeit a paint job away from perfect.

I hope you have enjoyed another wild adventure from Shawn Pilot, perhaps YouTube’s most talented do-it-yourself Corvette content provider. We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 150,000 followers (31,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B. [Video and Shawn Pilot Bio Below]

Who exactly is Shawn Pilot?

The bio from his channel gives a perfect snapshot.

Known as the wheeler dealer on the Netflix hit series Car Masters Rust to Riches, Shawn has a passion for hunting down killer deals. Truth be known Shawn is a genuine Corvette freak. A lifetime spent fixing up, chopping up and trading up Vettes has amassed an impressive car collection and a junkyard of over 100 Corvettes. VetteRod is Shawn’s Corvette adventures.”

Meet Shawn Pilot
Meet Shawn Pilot