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DIY: How To Make Your Stock C5 Exhaust Sound Like A Corsa for $0

Unless you make it a knuckle buster and need medical attention, whoops!

First, let me ask you other enthusiasts, why did GM make the C5 exhaust so darn quiet?  They finally started to get it right with the C6 dual-mode exhaust option.  And of course, if you care to spend upwards of $80,000 for a C8, you get a pretty decent-sounding factory exhaust. There’s great before and after Youtube videos below showing how in fact this mod will make your exhaust resemble the “exotic” sound a Corsa makes, especially at the higher rev range.  After sharing this cheap mod on one of my Corvette forums I quickly got heckled and labeled “A Drunk with a Drill”, my guess due mostly to the knuckle-buster aspect of this story. It’s catchy I agree, but ironically I wasn’t enjoying a cold beer on this simple job.  But my fan club even went so far as to mock up a shirt, so I figured the hilarity of it was worth sharing with my readers.

How to make your stock C5 exhaust sound like a Corsa for FREE

Step 1: Source your drill and a quarter-inch drill bit. You will also want a hole punch, or something similar, and a hammer.

Step 2: Locate the area before the muffler and after the axle.

Step 3: Use that center punch to mark and indent two spots, tap with your hammer, then bust out your drill!  If you skip this step your exhaust will look like mine below as the drill wanders.  Yes I know, lol. This whole mod is lol.

Step 4: Move to the passenger side. This is where you need to be very careful as your drill goes through the metal.  DON’T be like me!  As I was drilling through and making the first hole, my knuckle hit the carbon fiber exhaust plate just above my leather workout glove.  Yes I know, mechanic’s gloves would have helped!  I own a pair now.

Step 5: Mayhem, highly not recommended.  WARNING, if you are squeamish close your eyes and scroll down 2 photos.

Wrapped up and ready to go back to work! Thankfully no medical attention was needed on this one.

Step 6: Clean up your blood, drill hole number 2, and do your before and after videos. Turn up the volume!



For those curious, this is what the mod sounds like with the Z06 titanium exhaust, done by yours truly on my 2nd FRC, over 12 years ago.

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