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DIY: Race Car Build In Progress… Part 10

Scot's getting closer to the track, but still lots to do

We are getting closer to a complete race car as Scot orchestrates this exciting and complicated build. A wide range of progress happens today so this is one you don’t want to miss! If you need a review of Scot’s Pro-Touring race car build or missed an episode, here are the links: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight. and part nine.

As Scot starts to get into some of the “smaller” and more tedious projects, like running brake and fuel lines, he laments, “Does not matter how good your list is there is always something that gets missed.” Scot needed a “brainless” day so eased into the day by digging out some exhaust parts.

Just to illustrate how many balls are up in the air at one time, Scot gives us a quick snapshot. “Got the brake combo valve installed today and started running brake lines… I’ll head back to Lane Automotive tomorrow and get some more parts. Tinkered with the fuel lines, and also got the coil pack harnesses today. Got the crank sensor and starter installed today. Still have to figure out some wiring. Hope to have the brakes, and fuel system finished this weekend so I can start the cooling system. I keep plucking along.” You have to admire the positive attitude!

Coil pack harnesses are installed
Scot starts running the brake lines
Working on the fuel line

Scot switches gears and decides to pull the body out for a good cleaning.

Scot continues to work on that beautiful Greenwood Widebody and begins work on pulling out the carpet.

Time for a trial fit! As Scot drops the body down on the chassis, he notes “Looks like I need to cut the rear interior of the body to fit the shock towers inside the car. Hope to have the body mounted to the chassis by next weekend. Still need to clean up and paint the engine bay and underside of the body.”

Now on to that project that popped up, but it’s never just that easy, as Scot comments, “Got the inner body cut out to fit the rear shock towers. Now I’m working on cleaning up the inner fender wells and engine compartment. Painting the engine bay black and the fender wells with either bed liner or undercoating. Hopefully that will keep the rocks from cracking the paint on the fenders.”

Well, after this flurry of work, I think we need a break, I know Scot surely does. Join us next week as Scot tackles more projects on the body, including painting the wheel wells and engine bay, then takes on more interior projects and installing that stainless steel exhaust. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.