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DIY: Race Car Build In Progress… Part 7

Today Scot does some sand blasting and painting for great before and after shots

Scot hasn’t updated his man hours recently, noting he had around 200 hours before part 4. But based on some of this intricate and time-consuming work, I’d easily estimate he’s closing in on 300 hours. If you need a review of Scot’s Pro-Touring race car conversion or missed an episode, here are the links: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, and part six.

Last week Scot pulled all of the components off the chassis and began the tedious task of sandblasting and painting them. What a transformation with the rear end.

Corner 3 before and after.

And all those rear-end pieces together in one shot, beautiful!

A few thoughts from Scot, “I was looking for something different. I am trying to build a very light car, that was the attraction to the c4 suspension… Once I get the frame sandblasted there will be additional supports and brackets welded in. The weather has been so wet here I’m afraid the frame will start surface rusting before I can get all the extra welding done… I was lucky to find the donor car that had all the coil-over suspension on it and I was also able to use the steering rack. Saved a ton.

Once again, I’m amazed at the scope and detail this project requires, and Scot goes on to say, “I have a ’78 with the full Van Steel suspension that I did in 2019. I bought this c4 donor for 1/3 the cost of the Van Steel and sold $3000.00 worth of parts off it. Has worked out great so far.

Scot gets sidetracked by some shiny wheels of a 2007 Z06, and briefly considers a wheel change.

After some consideration, he decides to stay with the black wheels (for now), but couldn’t pass on buying these as they were a deal. As a wheel guy, I agree on all fronts! While we are on a diversion, here is Scot’s full arsenal of Corvettes. The 2011 Grandsport is a road race car, as is the ’78 behind it. I’m sensing a trend here!

Get back to that frame, Scot! It’s still too wet to sandblast her but he does get some more support bracing welded in.

While the frame is (finally) at the sandblaster, Scot gets a Christmas load of parts in.

The last project before we sign off for today is refurbishing that gas tank.

What a beautiful transformation. Scot anticipates the frame will be back from the sandblaster by next week, and that’s when the real fun begins, as he will start reassembling all those beautiful refurbished parts back on the frame! I hope to see you here, and as always we often have vibrant discussions on our Facebook page, thanks for following along!  Douglas B.