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DIY: Race Car Build in Progress… Part 2

The journey continues as Scot works on the frame and drivetrain

Today we continue on Scot’s journey to turn his ’75 Greenwood Widebody into a Pro-Touring race car.  If you missed part one you can click here.  You may recall Scot bought a C4 as a donor car, and that’s where we begin today.  With the removal of 6 bolts per side, Scot had the entire rear driveline and suspension “out in no time”.

Here is the ZF6 transmission and Dana 44 rear end with coil overs, about to be mocked up to the C3 chassis.

Now the batwing mounts for the rear end are fabed up and tacked in.

And no surprise, as happens with most car guys Scot gets slightly distracted with his shiny new wheels and mocks them up with the Widebody.

And then an early Christmas, as new parts for this awesome build started pouring in!

This project isn’t for the faint of heart, as many custom-fabricated parts will be necessary.  Here is a cool transmission mount Scot made from scratch.

Like a puzzle the rear end will be coming together soon!

And we finish up today’s installment with the near-completed rear end.  Thanks for joining me on this journey so far, and as always I’d love to hear what you think so join us on our Facebook page or scroll down to the comments section.  Douglas B.