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DIY: Race Car Build In Progress… Part 6

Scot presses on and works on various projects today

When I first thought about bringing Scot’s build to you I figured it would be a four or five-part series. Obviously, I missed the mark on how intense and intricate it would be, but I’m sure Scot knew exactly what he was biting off. I hope you’re enjoying reading about Scot transforming his ’75 Greenwood Widebody into a Pro-Touring race car as much as I am writing about it.

If you need a review or missed an episode here are the links: part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five. We left off with Scot talking about the modifications he had to make to that beautiful Greenwood Widebody to get it to fit on the C4 chassis, and here is a great picture depicting the cuts to the compartments behind the seats.

Scot still has his enthusiasm as he remarks, “I’m enjoying every minute building this car.” Scot wanted to give his mind a rest from some of the more detailed stuff so went to work on removing the rest of the a/c plumbing, then took to washing 50 years of grime off the C3 body and prepping it for paint.

Looking much cleaner!

Below Scot reworked the rear shock tower mounts and says he’s now ready to dismantle all the parts and sandblast the frame, then on to finishing all the welding.

Christmas came early, with all the suspension bushings, body bushings, clutch, electric fuel injection, fuel pump system, moog u-joints, and rear wheel hubs showing up at the shop! Scot didn’t like the red coil packs with the blue engine so changed them out for black.

Wow and just like that the frame is stripped, and look at all those bolts to keep track of!

Scot did not get much done on the car this day and remarks, “I had a brilliant idea that I would go buy a cheap sand blaster from Harbor Freight so I can blast all my small parts at my shop. Well, that took me 5 hours to assemble what seemed to be about 300 parts between the hardware and cabinet. WOW! Anyway, it’s together and hopefully it will do a decent job.”

Whew, sounds more frustrating than the actual build! He did manage to get the drive shaft cleaned up and rebuilt with new u-joints.

And here Scot got one of the rear assemblies apart and cleaned.

Wow Scot, looks brand new. I couldn’t imagine just the hours spent on this one mini-project. We’ll finish by showing the attention to detail Scot is putting into this project, going so far as to put a clear coat on the pieces. It’s almost starting to resemble as much a show car build as a race car build.

Next week Scot will start getting those larger pieces sandblasted and painted, so stay tuned! We often have vibrant discussions over on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.