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1973 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures

Check out these great 1973 Corvette images. As you can see in these 1973 Corvette pictures there were some changes to the design, gone were the Corvette’s front chrome bumpers (you can thank the government and new safety regulations and the requirement for a car to sustain a 5mph impact in the front without damaging lights or safety gear).

This all-new look is evident in the 1973 Corvette images on this page. The Corvette’s new bumpers were fashioned with an injection molded urethane cover, which often shows a slightly different color than the rest of the car thanks to the flex agent in the paint. The 1973 Corvette also lost the front fender louver grille, which was replaced by a new recess in the body. A new hood design eliminated the need for the old windshield wiper panel.

The 1973 Corvette still looks great all these years later. We included over 50+ 1973 Corvette pictures, most showing that “Coke bottle” shape (bulged out and distinguished fenders and the more aerodynamic than the C2).

See full 1973 C3 Corvette Overview / More pictures on Instagram

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