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1956 Corvette Production Numbers

1956 Corvette Production Volumes

1956 saw the introduction of a redesign to the C1 Corvette. The 1956 model year got roll-up windows with a power-assist option and for the first time Corvette had external door handles. Exposed headlights with chrome surrounds were also introduced. The changes made a difference in sales, with 3,467 units produced in 1956. For more information on the 1956 Corvette, head over to the 1956 Corvette guide.

1956 Production Volumes by Model Variant

Of those cars, 3,467 were all convertibles since that was the only body style in 1956.

1956 Production Volumes by RPO Codes & Colors

Below, we have broken out the 1956 Corvette production builds by RPO codes and options so you can see how popular or rare certain options were.

This year introduced the dual four-barrel carburetors for the first time, these included a cast aluminum intake manifold. Valve covers for the base engine were painted steel covers with the Chevrolet script. Optional engines all have a 9 fin cast alloy valve cover. New passenger seats can move fore and aft, earlier models had fixed passenger seats. Dual point distributors were included on all non-base engines and a higher output (53 amp-hour) 12 volt battery was standard.