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Corvette Of The Day: 1956 Chevrolet Corvette

In 1956, the Corvette was given a complete makeover to position itself as a more capable American sports car. The restyling introduced conventional headlights, rounded rear flanks with recessed tail lights, and the initial appearance of the side coves, which would later become a signature Corvette styling feature.

Exterior door handles, roll-up side windows, and an adjustable passenger seat were welcomed improvements, along with the introduction of the first detachable auxiliary hardtop, addressing sealing issues from previous models. Under the hood, the 265 CI V-8 engine offered power outputs ranging from 210 to 240 HP, available with either a 3-speed manual transmission or the Powerglide automatic.

Despite these advancements, sales dropped to 3,467 units in 1956, marking one of the lowest production figures in Corvette history. However, word quickly spread about the revamped Corvette, praised for its combination of comfort, drivability, and potent V-8 engine. This led to increased sales, with a remarkable 6,339 units sold in 1957.

The Corvette quickly became a favored choice among racing enthusiasts aiming to challenge formidable competitors like the Porsche 356, Jaguar XK, and Aston Martin DB2/4. Its track performance earned widespread acclaim, including notable achievements such as its participation in the 1960 Le Mans race, where it competed admirably against the world’s finest racing machines.

Photo Source: Collecting Cars