The Perfect Car Cover For Your C2 Corvette

C2 Corvette Car Covers

Custom Fit C2 5 Layer Ultrashield by CarsCover

Custom Fit C2 1963-1967 Chevy Corvette Car Cover 5 Layer Ultrashield by CarsCover

A custom fit car cover made for all 1963-1967 C2 Corvettes.

The 5-layer Ultrashield car cover made by CarsCover is fleece lined to protect your C2 Corvette’s exterior.

It’s must have car accessory for all auto enthusiasts as it offers maximum protection against snow, rain, dew, air pollutants, bird droppings and many more.

Another interesting feature of this car cover is that it has the company’s patented UV Stabilizer “Remafim”,  to ensure the longevity of the of cover as well as your car.


  • Made exclusively for 1963-1967 C2 Corvettes.
  • Waterproof and weatherpoof.
  • Comes with a tie down strap and buckle attached for easy handling.
  • Comes with a pouch for storage.


  • Doesn’t fit with any other cars.
  • It may look like a bed sheet.

Weatherproof Car Cover For Chevrolet Corvette (C2) 1962-1967

Weatherproof Car Cover For Chevrolet Corvette (C2) 1962-1967

Tough outdoor protection but soft on the inside with fleece inner lining to protect your car’s finish, you can never go wrong when you get this C2 Corvette car cover.

It fits really well with C2 models with room to breath underneath for better air circulation.

The car cover also comes with free high Wind Straps, cable and lock system, large storage bag for easy handling and storage and an antenna patch in the package.


  • Comes with a lot of freebies for your car.
  • Offers good water resistance especially against rain.
  • Has good protection against UV rays.
  • The 5-layer fabric resists mold and mildew really well.
  • Good quality for its price.


  • Not really waterproof.
  • No side mirror pockets.

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Custom Fit 7 Layer Waterproof Car Cover

Leader Accessories Corvette C2 1963-1967 Custom Fit 7 Layer Waterproof Car Cover

A high quality car cover specifically designed for all 1963-1967 C2 Corvettes out there.

With a breathable fabric which allows for maximum air circulation under the cover, you can rest assure that there will be no amount of moisture or condensation under the cover as it will easily evaporate.

Better air circulation under the cover also means that there will be reduced heat on sunny days.


  • The soft cotton fabric helps protect and maintain your car’s finish.
  • The UV resistant fabric will also help protect your car from damage from UV rays and other pollutants in the air.
  • Protects your car from dirt, dust, heat as well as rain and snow.
  • The soft and lightweight fabric will never scrape your car.
  • Easy to handle and store..
  • Great quality for its price.
  • Fits other Corvette models as well.


  • Not exactly waterproof.
  • Doesn’t last that long.

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