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Do You Have Any Corvette-Related New Year’s Resolutions?

With our 2024 "Guide to a Happy Corvette Life", CorvSport may be able to help you reach your goals!

Come join us for the 2024 National Corvette Museum's Corvette Caravan on August 29-31, 2024!

Welcome to yet another new year, where we typically reflect on the prior year and what we could do better. Most often, these resolutions to make a positive change focus on us personally. We all know the common resolutions, with enthusiastic declarations on January 1st to lose weight, get in better shape, improve relationships, and/or make more money.

But, what about that shiny piece of fiberglass (or composites) in your garage? Or the empty space where she should be residing? Corvettes have feelings too! Is she crying for something simple like a detail, yearning for more power, itching to take a trip, or maybe sadly, she is missing from your life altogether?

Well, enter CorvSport and our first annual…

2024 Guide to a Happy Corvette Life

(1) Take Her to the Spa

This comprehensive detailing guide is courtesy of Vette Vues Magazine.

(2) Is She Yearning for More Power?

♦ CorvSport’s feature “Top Ten Tuners in the Corvette World” may be able to help you.

(3) Do You Need More Together Time With Your Corvette?

♦ Head up to Bowling Green and treat her to the “NCM Experience”; full CorvSport feature here.

♦ How about some fun at the track? Our own Scott Kolecki has written a few pieces on the NCM Motorsports Park:

♦ In keeping with the Bowling Green theme, the 5 tips in this CorvSport feature may interest you:

(4) Is it Time to Trade Up or Buy New?

♦ 2024 Buying Guides and Resources

♦ Looking to sell and upgrade?

♦ Previous Generation Buying Guides and Resources From the CorvSport Archives

I hope you have found this 2024 Guide to a Happy Corvette Life helpful! My New Year’s resolution for my 2000 FRC was simple, I just asked her to PLEASE stop annoying me nearly every time out, with a new noise or something breaking! Let me know on our Facebook page what your Corvette-related resolutions are. It’s the place to be for Corvette enthusiasts, so come join the hottest and fastest-growing Corvette Community on Facebook, with over 47,000 new CorvSport followers since January of 2023! Click here to become one of CorvSport’s 166,000 followers, and to engage other hardcore Corvette enthusiasts. See you around, Douglas B.