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The Corvette Lifestyle: NCM Experience

This may be your ticket if you missed out on Museum delivery

My buddy Steve's 2004 Coupe at the NCM Experience

I was just introduced to an experience I did not realize existed, or maybe I did and had forgotten about it. As a Corvette enthusiast since the 90s, I really should’ve known about this. Just today, a buddy of mine (who I met on the Corvette Forum) texted me a few pictures from 2006. It was this exact day 17 years ago that his freshly detailed 2004 Le Mans Blue Commemorative Edition Coupe was proudly displayed at the National Corvette Museum.

I thought it was rather touching he would remember a day from nearly two decades ago, but when asked he mentioned something about the cloud and a special phone photo app, so there went the memory like an elephant nostalgiac angle. When my buddy Steve suggested I get a similar app for my phone, I told him I probably don’t want to know what I was doing that many years ago! As many of you may know, when ordering your new Corvette you can check off the RPO R8C box and take delivery at the museum, which includes many features, including a live stream for anybody around the country to watch and a guided tour of the museum. Our own Scott Kolecki did a detailed article on the R8C NCM delivery experience here.

So what do you do if you buy one off the lot and want to have a similar experience? Well, the Museum has an answer for that, and it’s called the “NCM Experience”.

Among other things, you get a guide!

And your name in lights!

The cool thing is, you get a lot of the same experience as the R8C delivery (which costs $995), for a “bargain” price of $500.

Here is everything the $500 NCM Experience includes:

  • Full exterior detailing with Adam’s Polishes, the official NCM car care product of PDI (pre-delivery inspection)
  • Your Corvette displayed on the floor of the Museum delivery area
  • VIP guided Museum tour
  • 1-year individual membership to the Museum
  • Commemorative wall plaque and silver decal recognizing participation in the program
  • An individual photograph in front of the Museum (weather permitting)
  • A numbered Flint Brick & dealer brochure for your model year (if available)
  • An opportunity to discuss maintenance tips and seek automotive advice from our staff mechanic
  • An opportunity to purchase special merchandise showcasing the “NCM Experience” logo, bricks in a special commemorative section, and build sheets/window stickers if available, during the program presentation.

And maybe most importantly, you get your Corvette in the spotlight!

Today I learned that no matter how many years one has under their belt as an enthusiast, there’s always something new to discover on this wild ride known as the Corvette lifestyle. A quick thanks to Steve for today’s lesson. If you’d like more information on how to set up your NCM Experience, click here to get in touch with the folks who run the program. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.