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Show Me Z Money! Chevy Steps Up And Pays Rewards Points

Z06 Youtuber Austin from Speed Phenom perseveres

Austin is elated to get his money!

We’ve been following Speed Phenom’s rewards points ordeal since the beginning, and Austin’s tenacity has paid off. More importantly, hopefully, this can serve as a PSA to other Z06 owners in the community. You can click here for the full details of this mess, but here are the cliff notes. As an incentive to curtail flippers, Chevy devised a plan to offer new Z06 owners 500,000 My Chevy Rewards Points for keeping their Z06 for a specified amount of time (originally 1 year, then changed to 6 months).

Here is the original “Customer Acknowledgement Form”.

What solution did the “brass” at Chevy’s My Chevy Rewards Points division come up with? The email statement from Trevor at GM to Austin reads:

Chevrolet is adjusting the program that rewards 2023 Corvette Z06 owners for retaining their vehicle for 6 months. In order to make the benefit to customers more clear, all 2023 Corvette Z06 customers have until December 1st, 2023 to enroll in My Chevrolet Rewards to be eligible for the 500,000 point vehicle retention award…

As noted in this portion of the email (more is read in the video), if you are a 2023 Z06 owner you still have to take action by December 1st!

The original hoops a Z06 owner had to jump through were confusing, so thanks to Austin for bringing light to this glitch in the system and being part of the catalyst to a solution. Austin says, “Personally a lot of people reached out to me telling me, Austin I’m in the same scenario! I didn’t know this…

Here is a sample of the top comments from his Youtube page.

Thanks again Austin for what you do for the Corvette community, from entertaining us with track videos to assisting owners with issues like this. Austin is on a roll and has an admirable success rate, as he recently got a replacement set of $20,000 carbon fiber wheels from Chevy as well, click here for the full summary story.

What is Austin’s takeaway from this process?

The good news is, Chevy does care. And they want to make sure this is a positive process for owners to experience…

Thanks for following along with me on Austin’s journey. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.

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