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Changing His E-Tune: Would You Pay Monthly For Youtube Corvette Content?

Is this popular track-star Youtuber really dumping his C8 Z06 for an E-Ray? And will you help pay for it?

Popular Youtuber Dumping his C8Z06 for an E-Ray?

Originally Austin from the Youtube channel Speed Phenom indicated he was flipping his Z07-equipped C8 Z06 after 8 months to get in line for the mighty ZR-1. But now apparently he’s shifting gears and has his sights on the new revolutionary AWD Corvette hybrid, known of course as the E-Ray.

The first baffling observation with this question is, why dump the track-ready and track-dominating Z06 for a heavier Corvette, one that will lose most of its 1.9 kWh battery power before it gets one lap in? Sure, the 655 horsepower E-Ray is fast (click here for a drag race versus some European rivals), but the general consensus is that it’s not a Corvette meant for the track, due to the aforementioned weight (is the two-ton E-Ray too fat?), and battery power concerns. And after that battery power runs down, until regen you are saddled with the extra weight and “just” 495hp from the LT2.

And lest we forget, it wasn’t too long ago the controversial decision was made to ban the E-Ray from the track. The decision was later reversed, but who knows if that anti-Lithium battery rhetoric will rear its ugly head again.

But the bigger question is this, would YOU help him purchase and track the E-Ray, in addition to his other Supercars?

I guess I give the kid credit, as he’s trying to get some more residual monthly cash flow for his high-quality racing content. He has had more than one video lately “complaining” about the costs, like this one I covered with tire expenses, and this one saying it costs him $3000 a day at the track.

And he has been of service to the Z06 community, like when he prompted GM to extend the deadline for the 500,000 My Rewards Points (for owners not flipping within 6 months), or when he helped advise Z07 equipped owners of installation problems with their expensive carbon-fiber wheels, so they don’t get destroyed by Chevy techs like his wheels. So, how many of his 175,000 subscribers will step up to the plate? Let’s say just one percent step up for the $4.99 a month “Pit Crew” membership. Well, it’s fairly straightforward math, take 1,750 subscribers times $4.99 and you get $8,732.50! Or even better for Austin, what if another 1% are compelled by the “Racer” perks listed below, and sign up for the $24.99 package? That would be a whopping additional $43,732.50 a month in added revenue.

After listing off the perks, Austin exclaims, “It’s gonna be really awesome, I can’t wait!” I bet you can’t, that’s some pretty decent coin!

While still basking in the possible revenue streams, Austin builds his E-Ray, and surprise it looks eerily similar to his Z06.

And perhaps the most baffling news, according to the Corvette Blogger (I missed the video!), Austin “bashed the E-Ray and gave all the reasons why the Z06 was superior, but then removed it without explanation within hours of posting it.” There is a lot to unpack here. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to know, would you pay upwards of $25 a month for exclusive Corvette content? And would you buy an E-Ray for extensive track use? In the meantime, enjoy Speed Phenom’s latest video!  Douglas B.