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2009 Hertz (ZHZ) Special Edition – VIN Numbers

2009 Hertz (ZHZ) Special Edition - VIN Numbers

VIN Numbers for 2009 Corvette Hertz (ZHZ) Special Edition

Exclusively built for Hertz, the Corvette ZHZ brought the mighty Corvette to even higher standards. Sporting a six-speed paddle shift transmission, the ZHZ makes the most of the dual mode exhaust delivering 436 horsepower. And, these impressive features were wrapped inside a uniquely packaged Corvette that features Hertz’s iconic yellow and black, colors that have a storied past in sports car history.

Production of the ZHZ Convertible was limited to 375 units, making it a rare car. Below we have all the VIN numbers for the car for reference. Definitely use the search function to find a specific VIN if you have a car you are checking.