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2009 Competition Sport Coupe (CSC) Special Edition – VIN Numbers


VIN Numbers for the 2009 Competition Sport Corvette Coupe

The lightest versions of the Z06 and Coupe were chosen and the National Corvette Museum’s HPDE events team added some exclusive features from the Z06 to the coupe like the HUD, diff cooler, and taller spoiler. The coupe includes Z51 and NPP also to make it the highest performance version of the coupe available.

CSCs, are either Arctic White or Blade Silver, Coupes or Z06s. Their designation is broken down by model # 1YY07 is a Coupe and model # 1YY87 is a Z06. One CANNOT tell from the VINs if they are Blade Silver, Arctic White or Black, but we have that information broken down on our Hot News page dated June 21, 2009.

Below we have all the VIN numbers for the car for reference. Definitely use the search function to find a specific VIN if you have a car you are checking.