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2009 Corvette GT1 Special Edition – VIN Numbers

2009 Corvette GT1 VIN

The GT1 Championship Edition was a special package that took its cue from the Corvette C6.R LeMans racer and was available for the Corvette coupe and convertible models as well as on the Z06. The special editions were available in Velocity Yellow or Black, with special VIN sequential numbers for each. Production was limited production edition.

Below we have all the VIN numbers for the car for reference. Definitely use the search function to find a specific VIN if you have a car you are checking.

The GT1 Special Editions are broken down by color. The 12th number of the GT1 VIN is either a 4 (which means the GT1 Corvette is Black) or a 3 (which means the GT1 Corvette is Velocity Yellow). Please note this on the GT1 verification page as it relates to each model. You will also need to note the breakdown of model types. 1YY07 is a Coupe, 1YY67 is a Convertible and 1YY87 is a Z06.