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Chazcron Fits His C8 Corvette Rendering Into Live Footage

C8 Corvette rendering

An Amazing Rendering Walkaround

The downside to many C8 Corvette renderings is that you often can’t imagine them in the real world. They’re a static image and somewhere you’re not really sure of, but this Corvette rendering from the Charles Cronley, better known by his MidEngine Corvette Forum username Chazcron, gives you a real deal look at the C8 parked outside of what we presume is Cronley’s house.

The video is live footage and the car is fully digitally rendered. As you can see, there’s a slight hiccup in the rendering as the cameraman walks to the other side of the car. It’s quick, though. It does little to alter the effect that this video has. It really lets you imagine what the car will look like and how it scales in comparison to a garage or house. While it’s not 100 percent accurate, it is darn close.

You start on the passenger side of the car and walk around the car to the driver’s side. This gives you a view of both sides and the entire front end. The car is in a bronze kind of color and that helps it stand out, too. You can see all the creases and curves. You also get to see how the car compares to another vehicle due to the fact that there’s what looks like a Ford Edge in the garage behind the vehicle. Check out the full video below and get ready for the official reveal in July.