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This Rendering of a Group of C8 Corvettes Is Beautiful

C8 Corvette group rendering

Quite the Lineup

There’s a lot to love about the image above. There are four beautifully rendered C8 Corvettes in a line. The Mid-Engine Corvette Forum user Chazcron has done it again and made a rendering that we could just drool over all day long. 

The grouping or C8 Corvettes lets you really see what the different colors look like on the model. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Chazcron’s color choices are accurate. Chevrolet has not officially released the color options for the C8 Corvette. All that will come with the official reveal of the car in July.

Until that time, the renderings of the C8 Corvette and the various spy shots is all we have to go on. However, judging by the spy shots and the information we do know, Chazcron’s rendering of these cars is probably pretty accurate. With that said, he did have to take some liberties with the details of these cars.

Even the best spy shots still can’t reveal all of the details. You can bet that some of the front bumper, splitter, and fascia elements in the rendering above are wildly inaccurate. Chazcron does a wonderful job with these renderings, but he’s no wizard.

We’d love to see this rendering recreated with real cars sometime in the future. It would be neat to set the rendering and that image side by side for comparison.