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The Latest Chazcron Renderings of the C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette rendering Chazcron

A Beauty in Blue

The C8 Corvette’s official reveal is right around the corner. July can’t come soon enough. Until it’s here, we’ll be able to enjoy various renderings and spy shots. The latest renderings come from the MidEngine Corvette Forum user Chazcron. He posted some designs with Kerbeck Corvette’s lot in the background. Kerbeck is the largest Corvette dealer in the whole U.S.

The design appears to us to be the most complete. It’s a sleek design, and Chazcron said after taking a closer look at the spy shots that he realized he needed to lengthen the nose and rear of the car. It’s a little longer overall than other C8 Corvette renderings, and we think it works really well. This rendering is now our favorite so far. 

Corvette rendering chazcron

Chazcron admits the hood creases might be a little different on the production car. We think they’ll be a little less pronounced, which is probably a good thing. However, styling elements like this are subjective, so some people are going to like Chazcron’s rendering better than the real thing. 

It will be interesting to see how close these are to the real car. Of all the renderings we’ve shared over the last few months, we would assume these would be some of the most accurate. With the recent spy shots that show more than ever seen before, it’s no wonder that the renderings look better than ever.