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C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendering Takes a Different Kind of Look at the Car

C8 Corvette rendering

Nothing Wrong With a Little Fun

Most of the renderings we share are hyper accurate and based on spy shots and other videos and renderings of the upcoming C8 Corvette. However, there’s nothing wrong with letting your imagination run a little wild every once in a while. That seems to be exactly the case with the shot above. It’s a rendering posted by the Instagram account Hanbindesign. The designer takes a more experimental approach to a rendering of the C8. 

The image scratched some people right where they itch. The design isn’t totally accurate, but honestly, who cares? What’s wrong with a unique design from a big fan of the Corvette? Yep. There’s nothing wrong with it. As you can see, the designer honestly nailed some parts of the C8 Corvette. Other areas he took some artistic liberties with. 

With all that said, this is one of the more interesting renderings to come out. It’s nice to see people are still fussing with the design even though there are hundreds of photos of the actual car out there. As Corvette Blogger notes, Chevrolet has yet to release all of the details for the car and the Z06 and ZR1 versions of the C8 could be more radically styled like the rendering above.

There’s also the tuner and customization community. There’s a good chance that the C8 Corvette will be taken and modified in some way after it goes on sale. This rendering could be the inspiration for a C8-based custom build. Honestly, it doesn’t look like it would take too much to transform a stock C8 Corvette into this amazing-looking machine. We’ll keep an eye out for more unique renderings as we near the official release date of the new mid-engined car.