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This C8 Corvette Profile Rendering is Absolutely Stunning

ZoraC2 c8 Corvette rendering

A Beautiful Yellow Car

As the C8 Corvette’s July reveal nears, the renderings of the car keep coming. The latest comes from MidEngine Corvette Forum user ZoraC2. It’s a beautiful shot of the car painted yellow. You can really see how the car looks from the side thanks to this rendering.

ZoraC2 has had renderings before and they were nearly as stunning, but this profile shot is wonderful. The detail around the air intake near the rear of the door looks fantastic. That’s one area of the car that Chevrolet has purposely obscured with camouflage and cladding. This rendering strips all that away. 

However, there are likely some artistic liberties here. The latest shots of the C8 Corvette were revealing, but they didn’t show it all. The artist who crafted this rendering still has to have a few unique ideas to get the vehicle looking right. ZoraC2 said his focus was on the air intake vent. “I also wanted to work out what I feel the side vent may ultimately look like where it hooks back and tapers off into the back half of the trapezoid that forms the lower waistline,” he said in the posting on MidEngine Corvette Forum.

We like his interpretation and hope Chevy has followed suit with the real car. If not, that’s okay, too, but this design looks really good.