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New C8 Corvette Rendering Gives Us the Best View Yet

C8 Corvette Rendering
Image from MidEngine Corvette Forum

We Can’t Wait for July

The C8 Corvette is coming in July, and part of how Chevrolet announced that was by driving a car with a camo wrap and the reveal date on the side of it through New York City. This gave the world its best view yet of the upcoming C8 Corvette. Now the guys over at MidEngine Corvette Forum have managed to take the images from the announcement and make some very accurate renderings of the new car. 

The MidEngine Corvette Forum member FVS created the rendering you see above. It shows the C8 Corvette in a beautiful red color. It also gives you a view of all the creases and muscular curves of the car. FVS worked off an actual image of the car, so it’s definitely one of the most accurate renderings yet. 

The user FVS said this of his rendering: “best guess at what is under the camo…” He’s right. As good as the rendering looks, it is still a guess. The camo does a decent job of hiding the details of the car. When you compare these renderings to the others that have popped up over the last few months, you can see that there are differences. This means that the C8 Corvette hasn’t been totally figured out by the guys over at MidEngine Corvette Forum. 

It will be interesting to see how these latest renderings compare to the real car when it makes its debut later this year. Until then, we can only look at these beautiful images and imagine what it’s like to drive the C8 Corvette.