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[Video] How Much Does It Really Cost To Track a C8 Z06?

Youtuber Austin from Speed Phenom gives us some real numbers

Austin from Speed Phenom

If you’re like me, you see these Youtubers blasting around in bliss on the track and wonder, how much does tracking one of these beasts really cost? Well, today Austin from Speed Phenom gives us some insight with real numbers. And keep in mind, Austin is one of the handful of Youtube content providers who regularly tracks his Z06, and is far from a poser.

Austin is old school and keeps all his records in a handwritten notepad, and after recently reviewing it says “I am kind of like ashamed, but also extremely shocked…

No fancy data entry here!

Austin highlights the item that tracks eat up the quickest, tires. In just over 6 months of ownership, he has gone through not one, not two, but FIVE sets of the budget-busting Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires. How much are we talking about here?

Yikes, that’s well over half what I recently paid for my low-mileage 2000 FRC! Austin went on to crunch some more numbers and estimated he got about 1.5 track days per set of tires. I get that these Michelins are essentially dedicated track tires used on exotics around the world, which just happen to be street-legal, but for that price, an enthusiast should be able to get more than 1.5 track days per set.

Color me unimpressed.

The other cost issue for Austin is the current price Chevy quoted him to mount and balance a set of Cup 2 R tires on his Z07 optioned carbon fiber wheels. As you may recall from this piece I did, Chevy destroyed his first set of Australian-made carbon fiber wheels, and apparently there is now only one CA Chevy dealer in his area that has the proper equipment (and training) to mount these tires.

How much is Chevy charging? $600!

Now, if you’re thinking (like some of his viewers) that maybe Austin is changing the tires too early, here is the recommendation directly from the owner’s manual, which Austin notes he has been adhering to.

The other item tracks eat up are brakes, and Austin notes that he still has about two more track days before his Z06 brakes need to be addressed. And despite some specific details on tires, Austin did not even touch much on gas, transportation, actual cost to get on the track, and other costs that can nickel and dime track enthusiasts.

Are all the costs worth it? Austin notes, “You can buy a whole new car for the amount of money we have spent, but the thrill, the experience, you will not feel that buying a brand new $30,000 car… it’s worth it as long as you enjoy and appreciate every single moment it gives you.”

Pretty wise and insightful words from the youngster.

Here is the full video if you want to take a deeper dive. The video starts out with his Z06 costs, then around 3:20 he talks about his McLaren costs, touches on the Stingrays he’s owned, then gives some props to his Mustang GT 500 and GT 350R. It’s always interesting to get a first-hand perspective from an enthusiast, and I hope you have enjoyed this feature. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.