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BREAKING: C9 Coming To Enthusiasts In 2029

Is that too soon or too late?

One rendering of the C9
One rendering of the C9

The eighth-generation Corvette is only in its fourth production year, and there’s certainly not a lack of excitement surrounding the brand right now. With the recent unveiling of the 2024 E-Ray and upcoming high-performance models like the twin-turbo ZR1 and a special Zora edition, you can’t go a day without seeing some type of internet buzz surrounding the C8.

According to GM Authority sources, GM will pull the curtain on the C9 Corvette sometime in 2028 for the 2029 model year. GM will milk the engineering done for the C8 platform and reportedly use a revised version of the Y2 platform for the C9, with production expected at the Bowling Green Plant.

Sources also indicate that despite some speculation on a fully EV-powered C9, this next generation will in fact have an internal combustion engine to propel its rear wheels.  And let’s not forget so soon about the buzz around an EV sedan and EV SUV that is supposed to wear the Corvette name.  You can read more on that in detail right here.

Corvette Brand To Expand Its Offerings

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In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this wishful rendering of what the C9 may look like.