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This Rendering of Zora With the C8 Corvette Reminds Us of His Original Mission

C8 Corvette Rendering

We Think He Would be Proud

The idea for a mid-engine Corvette is not a new one. The great Father of the Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov, imagined a mid-engine Corvette several decades ago. He pushed for the Corvette to go mid-engine way back in the 1960s, and it would be cool to know what he thinks of the upcoming C8 Corvette now that the machine has officially switched from its front-engine layout.

Chazcron over at MidEngine Corvette Forum managed to capture the progression of the Corvette brand to the new C8 Corvette in one simple image. It has Zora standing next to a C8 Corvette. We’ve included the image above. The car’s styling might not be what Zora had in mind in the 1960s. However, you can bet he would love to see how the vehicle has progressed. Also, we think he would enjoy seeing the C8 as a mid-engine car, finally.

The rendering is done in black a white, which helps drive home the significance of the image. It was probably honestly easier for Chazcron to do it that way. He also does an excellent job of getting the details right (as he always seems to do) on the car. It’s more or less the right size for the figure standing next to it.

It’s easy to want to continue seeing the Corvette as a front-engined car, the way it’s always been, but things change. If this is the way the Corvette must progress, we’re glad to see it connecting with its heritage in some way. There have been rumors that Chevrolet would include the Zora name on the new C8 Corvette somehow. Nothing is known officially yet, but it would be cool to see Chevy pay homage to the man that had the idea for the new car originally.