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See The GM Design That’s Stirring Up C9 Rumors

What do you think about this recently released design from GeneralMotorsDesign?

The New C9? Image courtesy of Instagram/GMD

Nothing seems to generate more buzz (and angst) among Corvette enthusiasts than speculation about what the next generation will look like, especially if there are controversial changes. Two of the more polarizing revolutionary design changes were the loss of the pop-up headlights in 2005 and losing the round taillights in 2014. I’m sure you can think of a few more. Here is the latest design that just popped up on Instagram, which has enthusiasts wondering if it is the C9.

This newest design to cause a stir isn’t a very “sophisticated” rendering but it has the GM stamp so folks are taking it seriously. But is this rendering really from GM and who is the artist?

About GeneralMotorsDesign.

About the designer.


So yes it’s straight from the creatives at GM, and if you want to get the scoop on the designs that these folks at the Advanced Design Center are working on, just follow “generalmotorsdesign” on Instagram. And it’s worth mentioning, that is quite the resume from Dylan, and it shows in his creative work.

Back to some design analysis. The most notable and aggressive thing you’ll notice about his rendering is the “split cockpit” design. At first glance, I’m thinking ‘wow pretty cool’, but then I’m quickly reminded of how well the rear ’63 split window was received. Everything else, from the prominent front spoilers and air inlets to the stance and wheels, is spot on and looks beautiful. Of course, as we know from history these renderings rarely make it as is to production, but the overall design language is promising.

If you want to check out another C9 rendering that garnered over 7000 likes, 332 comments, and 292 shares on our Facebook page, click here. Speaking of Facebook, we have an active community there and I would love to hear from you.  Douglas B.