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Our team of Corvette fanatics obsess over the details that matter. After turning CorvSport.com into the largest Corvette database on the internet, we decided to take it a step further and build out model-year guides. Here you'll find everything from engines to maintenance schedules, wallpapers to detailed specifications. If it's about the 1986 Corvette, you'll find it here.

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With the continual refinement of their L98 engine, a bigger focus on safety and security, and the development of many new functions and luxury features, the arrival of the 1986 Corvette carried with it the continuation of the spirit of innovation that had helped Corvette rise to become a world leader in the sports car market since its humble beginnings in 1953.

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1986 COrvette
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1986 Corvette
In all, 35,109 Corvettes were sold in 1986. While this number was still considered to be very respectable, it was the second year in a row that overall Corvette sales numbers had slipped.

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1986 Corvette

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