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A New C8 Corvette Rendering Gives Another View of the Upcoming Car

C8 Corvette Rendering

This One Is Fantastic

We’re fans of just about any rendering of the upcoming C8 Corvette. We love seeing what people are creating around the car and are so excited for the official reveal of the C8 in July later this year. This latest rendering from MidEngine Corvette Forum user ZoraC2 might be our favorite yet.

While it’s not quite as refined as some of the other renderings that we’ve seen from the prolific Chazcron, we would say that this rendering has many of the car’s design elements in all the right places. We especially like the front fascia and bumper on this rendering, which is slightly different from other renderings out there.

For the most part, this rendering appears to be pretty accurate. However, it’s unclear just how spot on the details of the car are. The spy photos of the C8 Corvette testing out on the public roads all have camo and many of them have some kind of cladding to throw people off. That makes it especially hard to do a rendering that’s 100 percent accurate.

Some of the other users on the forum were unimpressed with this particular rendering, and we’d expect some of our readers will be too. That doesn’t stop us from liking it. Hopefully, the real car looks this good or better.